Lets meet Passionate Shinata Sangha…!!!

Indian pageantry in 90’s was famous for its quality of contestants and the way they used to groom them to pitch perfection for International arena. However, the days of glory started diminishing in late 2000’s, due to many reasons. Most of the pageant fans were always wondering why we don’t have anymore Lara, Aishwariya, Priyanka, Sushmita etc. The reason found was the lack of interest of quality girls into the pageants as now a day they have many other ways to stardom, unlike in past where either you are a bollywood star or a Miss India to become famous overnight.

The scenario has now changed in early 2010’s and many people’s contribution has made this possible. Of course, the pageant organisers, by default, are the first people in that but the person we are going to interview today is a unique personality in her own way. She was the one who asked Nicole Faria to change her finale gown to white colour from the original gold colour( as most of the winners at international pagent from India have wore white gown) and she won..!!! Viola.

Shinata suggested Nicole Faria to change Golden gown, which got negative reviews, to White as to follow the tradition of White gown winners beauty queen of India.
She  suggested Nicole Faria to change Golden gown, which got negative reviews, to White as to follow the tradition of White gown winners beauty queen of India.

She had constantly been working very hard since past 3 years to get quality girls to Femina Miss India and we must say, her efforts are showing results. A common man in India may yet not be much familiar with her, but it would be very difficult to believe someone from Pageant/Fashion business not knowing her. She is none other than Shinata Sangha.

Shinata Sangha
Shinata Sangha

She is  beautiful, she is sassy, she is bold, she is emotional, she is daramatic and she could be a wild cat too, if needed..!!!!

Lets see how Shinata evolved over years from being a shy, emotional, pessimist to being bold, matured and optimist…

1. Please tell us about your past life and achievements.

Shinata: I was a very shy, unhappy individual and a nervous wreck with low self esteem and low confidence. I was bullied quite severely and badly as a child which led me to attempting suicide, in fact I had got to the stage where I had given up with life itself. One day I woke up and said I can’t take this any more  and I guess it was a battle I fought, won and become victorious in the end.

Shinata has won almost more than 15 pageants.
Shinata has won almost more than 15 pageants.

I always dreamt of being a Beauty Queen and Supermodel! Beauty Pageants made me more confident as a person, more poised, well spoken and articulate they made me become a stronger human being. I dreamt what I thought was impossible and unthinkable, yet here I am now many years later. All my hardships and struggles are now in the past I like to think of them as a bad dream gone wrong, I’ve learnt to incorporate a famous quote someone once told me as a vision of hope for the future ‘Behind every successful person is a painful past’.

Achievements/Highlights of my career were:

1) Winning my first beauty pageant at the tender age of 16

2) Landing my first magazine front cover by 18

3) Being named as the Worlds Most Beautiful TS for 3 consecutive years in 2010/2011/2012 by 3 different mainstream British Magazines. I also went onto grace the front cover of all 3 magazines

2. Who are your favourite Indian beauty queens?

Shinata: There are so many, it’s quite hard for me to even answer this as many of them are my friends whom I have become very close to. However, if I had to pick just one I would say Celina Jaitley (Femina Miss India Universe 2001, 4th runner up Miss Universe 2001). She would have to be my ultimate favourite Miss India in history ever, I’ve also told her the same. I was privileged enough to interview her myself for a magazine, she’s so sweet, sincere and down to earth, I admire her for being compassionate and most importantly she fights for the LGBT community.

Shinata Favourite Miss India(s)
Shinata Favourite Miss India(s)

Other favourite Miss India’s include Nicole Faria (Miss Earth 2010), Srishti Rana (Miss Asia Pacific World 2013), Sobhita Dhuilpala (Femina Miss India Earth 2013), Manasi Moghe (Miss India Universe 2013) Harshita Saxena (Miss India International 2009), Amruta Patki (Miss Earth Air 2006) all the girls mentioned above are so sweet, down to earth and hardworking individuals who I have a lot of love and respect for. I also liked many of the Miss India’s from the 90s like Madhu Sapre, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Jayrej, Manpreet Brar infact the list is endless, you can also add Neha Kapur to it. I could be here all day naming many others.

3. How do you stay so fit and beautiful?

Shinata during photoshoot
Shinata during photoshoot

Shinata: I work as a model so diet is very important, going to the gym, walking etc. I drink a lot of water! stay so beautiful? you would have to thank my beautician and also my brilliant skills of makeup which does wonders. I am trained as a Makeup Artist in New York. I’ve previously worked for M.A.C and Chanel so I learnt the art of how to hide my imperfections without any plastic surgery by blending, contouring, shading to enhance certain features and to hide my flaws.

4. Who are your favourite International beauty queens?

Shinata's favourite International Beauty Queens.
Shinata’s favourite International Beauty Queens.

Shinata: International titleholders would be Aishwarya Rai – Miss World 1994, Megan Young – Miss World 2013, Dayana Mendoza – Miss Universe 2008, Christina Sawaya Miss International 2002, Nicole Faria Miss Earth 2010, and girls who competed in national worldwide pageants include Elishia Sahota (Miss Universe Canada 2011 1st runner up, Hammasa Kohistani (Miss England 2005) Wi May Nava (Miss Venezuela 2013 1st runner up) and Alena Shishkova (Miss Russia 2012 2nd runner up)

5. Tell us about your dreams in life.

Shinata Sangha during photoshoot
Shinata Sangha during photoshoot

Shinata: My dream now is to just settle down, take it easy and start a family of my own. I intend to live a peaceful quiet life in a quite Spanish village called Mijas away from the hustle and bustle/ and away from the gilts and glam. I’ve pretty much achieved all my dreams in life in such a short time, when your dreams materialise the feeling of fulfilment is just so amazing

6. Who are your favourite ten in current Miss India lot? Any special advises to the girls?

Shinata: Ha ha ha…!!! I knew this question was coming but sorry to disappoint you, I wont be revealing my top 10 at the moment.

Miss India 2014 Top 25. Vote for you favourite for People's Choice AwardAll girls are amazingly beautiful and all of them have a good shot at winning Femina Miss India 2014, I’m really impressed with all of their Beauty with a purpose projects, Some are helping Acid/Rape victims, Sexually abused women, the elderly, hygiene etc. for me to reveal my top 10 favourite would be very biased as I speak to all of them and I don’t want to prioritise one girl over the other, they are all beautiful, talented and hardworking any one of them is worthy to win and represent India at the International level. My advice to all the fbb Femina Miss India 2014 contestants is to just ‘Enjoy the experience and cherish these moments’ you will remember them for the rest of your life, I always look back when I competed in beauty pageants myself and it brings such a big smile to my face and beautiful memories I will never forget, including the friendships I have still maintained with those I once competed with on stage

7. How is Shinata as a person?

Shinata Sangha
Shinata Sangha

Shinata: A hardworking, passionate and dedicated individual. I could either be your best friend or your worst enemy, it depends on how you are with me I have a strong personality you either like me or you don’t. I don’t beat around the bush, what you see is what you get, those who know me will say I’m down to earth, friendly, bubbly and a party animal and those who don’t know me- need to get to know me before passing any kind of judgemen. [You may reach her out at her FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/shinatasanghainternaionalicon?ref=ts&fref=ts ]

8. What changes would you like to see in Miss India/Diva?

Shinata: This Year Natasha Grover has worked really hard to bring many new changes to Femina Miss India, for example Scouting for NRI/OCI candidates for Miss India, more city auditions, Girls shooting their pictorials in Sri Lanka, the styling, hair, makeup has also improved by leaps and bounds, it’s still very early days but the changes are visible. Natasha is doing an amazing job, let’s see how this year goes and if I feel any changes need to still be made I will certainly voice my concerns and opinions to them.

9. How do you spend your free time?

Shinata Sangha
Shinata Sangha

Shinata: In my free time, I love spending time with my near and dear ones. I also love to interact and talk to my fans because without their love and support I wouldn’t be where i am today. I love shopping, travelling New York, London, Costa Del Sol and Brussels are my favourite cities in the whole world. I also love everything about fashion, beauty and makeup so I like to keep up to date with all the latest trends.

10. Any message for TGPC and our fans.


Shinata: Keep up the good work, it’s great to see many Indian Beauty pageant portals uniting as ONE, that is the most important thing to have respect for one another and to embrace unity.

We would like to thank her for her beautiful presence Indian Pageantry and share her few moments with us today.