TGPC’s Top 15 Best Introduction Videos | Femina Miss India 2014 Coverage

We have been waiting since long for the profiles of the contestants on the official website.  Finally the organization has satisfied our hunger by putting the introduction videos.  The videos give a fair idea about the girls for starters and here we are, with our favorite videos from all.


Fbb Femina Miss India 2014 Top 25

EXPERT ADVICE FOR CONTESTANTS: Before we proceed further, we would give one word of advice (FREE!) – Don’t try to fake it – it seemed that many girls spoke about social causes (lot of it seemed false; sorry!), but really – the audiences and that includes the judges, we are all smart people.  Not saying that don’t pick up that subject, but be smart.  Try to touch it to the extent that you can be genuine about it.  Also, be yourself – talk about your interests.  If you like sports, which sports?  If you like music, which singers?  Tell us why you want to win the pageant – lead us to imagine your joys when you wear the crown.  Pull us into your dreams and fantasies!  Show enthusiasm in your speech and to show it genuinely, feel it.  It is that positive vibe which will help you win – that is what the X FACTOR is all about!

# 15 Medhini Igoor


She sounded very confident and the part where she describes her interests was good.  It is fun to hear people talk about what they really love to do.  If they really mean it, a genuine burst of excitement is accompanied with their talks.   We could see a bit of that in Medhini’s interview.

Click to watch Medhini’s video

#14 Malati Chahar


Her face is her best asset.  She is clearly the countenance of the competition.  It was nice to see that she picked hindi for communication.  Overall she was nice.  We see her as a definite Top 10 finalist and perhaps in Top 5 too.

click to watch Malti’s video

#13 Yoshiki Sindhar


She is a very confident girl.  She is expressive and beautiful.  She is very talented too!  Check out her singing video on her facebook page and you will agree!

Click to watch Yoshiki’s Interview

#12 Ashwati Ramesh

10001007_600983929976558_997697351_oShe made a very good impression, for she sounded very honest.  She spoke confidently and overall was good

click to watch Ashwati’s Video

# 11 Sanjana Ganesan


She seems determined to do well and is confident.  There was coherence in her speech.

Click to watch Sanjana’s video

#10 Sahitya Jagannathan

1506398_10151829629746431_61693590_nShe spoke confidently. What amused us was the way she shook her head often during the talk.  Perhaps a little grooming can polish this beautiful diamond.

Click here to watch Sahitya’s video

#9 Deepti Sati


There as a lot of ease and flow in her speech.  She seemed very composed and attention-grabbing.

Click to watch Deepti’s Video

#8 Varsha Gopal

1959382_291785884323788_193792098_nShe gives the impression of a bright girl.  There is serenity in her presence.

Click Here to watch Varsha’s video

#7 Koyal Rana


The girl glows literally as she talks.  She is very beautiful and her presence is strong.  She is pleasant and speaks well.  Definitely a strong contender for Miss India! 

Click here to watch Koyal’s Video

#6 Mansi Grewal


She is intelligent.  Very smartly she put her positive points during the talk.  She is striking and definitely a competitive girl.  She is one of the front-runners for the crown in our opinion.

Click to view Mansi’s video

#5 Jhataleka Malhotra


She looks classy and beautiful.  Her very presence is enough to keep your attention.   She speaks nicely and is expressive.  Grooming will certainly bring out her best.

Click to view Jhataleka’s video

#4 Irshikka Mehrotra


There was a vibe of honesty in her speech.  The content of her talk was good.  Overall it was a good interview.  Another army girl, it is interesting to see girls mentioning this as their strength!

Click to watch Irshikka’s video

#3 Aarpita Kaur


It is obvious now that her confidence and dynamic personality brought her into the Top 25.  She seems well-educated and may be already having good experience of being an orator.

Click to view Arpita’s video

#2 Aradhana Nayar


She was clearly a surprise, because for us she is a crown-contender.  She is poised, confident, smart, intelligent and well-spoken.  She is beautiful too.  Definitely a girl to watch out for this year.

Click to view Aaradhna’s video

#1 TJ Bhanu


She speaks a lot!  Absolutely lively!  This sweet chatter-box was unknown to most till now, and she has arrived with a bang.  She is very engaging in her talk.  Her video leaves you with a smile.

Remaining girls: We particularly liked Simran and Amarjot among the remaining girls.  Simran definitely has lot of potential.  Nikhila (12th Grade?  No way!), Sonal (Open up, girl!), Gail and Lopamundra look pretty.  Charmaine, Jantee, Arissa and Aditi touch you with their cutenesses.


All the best, girls!

Photo Courtesy: Femina Miss India Facebook Page & Facebook Pages of the contestants.