Sushmita Sen gets her 7th tattoo

Former beauty queen Sushmita Sen has got a brand new tattoo. The actress took to twitter earlier today to share the news with her fans.

“Helloo Beautiful People!!! :)) you get to be d 1st ones 2 c my new tattoo :)) I AM Soooooo happy to have finally gotten it inked:)) Ready?:),” she posted.

The mother of two also had a fun interactive session with her Tweeple before she broke the news of the tattoo.

“Ha!Ha!!Ha!!! :)) I love d fun of sharing with u!! Too cute:)) before I post d picture, let’s see if u know how many tattoo’s I already have?,” tweeted Sushmita. “And my retweets are the winners!!! Lol:)) This is indeed my 7th tattoo!!! :)) Well done sweethearts!!! :)),” she added.

Finally, Sushmita posted a picture of the new tattoo, saying, “God’s name in Hebrew!!:)my core faith ‘I AM’ is born from ‘Kaballah’ n is inked on my left wrist, now dis on d right!”

“In English the meaning of my tattoo is..’I AM THAT I AM’ :)) we all have ONE constant strength that never leaves us..’the self’:) love u!!,” posted the actress.



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