Exclusive: A glimpse into life of Sarah Corner, Miss India World 2001


Sarah Corner is, till date, one of the most articulate and well spoken Miss India winners we have ever had. She really  had a tough task of representing India at Miss World 2001 after 2 back to back wins of India (1999-Yukta Mookhey and 2000-Priyanka Chopra). She was a major favourite at the contest and was speculated Lara’s successor, but at the end it was concluded that she will represent India as Miss World. However, Sara couldn’t win Miss World; for obvious reasons. Once back from her stint at Miss World and after crowning Miss India World 2002 Sara disappeared from the showbiz and media industry to settle down a happy married life. A lot of people from pageant world where was Sarah and what is she doing now a day.

We finally could find Sarah and requested her to give an interview so as to quench down the thirst of curiosity of fans. She accepted our proposal and answered our questions. Below are the intercepts of our conversation with stunning Sarah Corner.

1) Hello Sarah, so how has the life been all these years? Where are you now a day?

Sarah: Life has taken me on incredible little journeys thus far . I have been blessed with a lot of travel and good will from people. I now reside in Australia. Banking and finance has been my line of work since Miss India.

2) You now have a cute little daughter, tell us any funny incidence of her?

189892_200316546789718_1970032363_nSarah with her Daughter Brooke

Sarah: My beautiful daughter takes me on adventures everyday with the things she does and says. The cutest incident is when one day I was listening to my favourite song and behind me she was dancing and holding a spoon like a mike and said “do you like my singing? “, precious moments like those which me giggle to my self and make me realise and appreciate my gift from god. Motherhood is a treasure .

3) Going back to past, how did u happen to participate in Miss India? Do you think you should have gone to Miss Universe?

Miss India 2001 Finale

Sarah: I was modelling since the age of 9 and it came naturally to me but I pursued it as a stepping stone to pageants . I just love pageants and had entered 12 prior to miss India and was a winner at all of them . I personally feel I would have done better at Miss Universe .

4) You represented India in Miss World in a year when India already had back to back winners at Miss World, i.e. Yukta Mookhey in 1999 and Priyanka Chopra in 2000. Did you feel any pressure for that?


Sarah: I work and perform best under pressure, so I didn’t feel any pressure at that time . In fact it was a huge adrenaline rush for me. However I knew that winning would be slim, taking the history into consideration.

5) Do you think, pageant results are fair?

Sarah Corner

Sarah: I hope so. Otherwise it would be a waste of all the hard work contestants put in and the time,effort and finance put in by the organisations sending them for these contests.

6) Any plans of joining showbiz/fashion?

Sarah: If the right opportunity arises sure. I have a flare for it .

7) India hasn’t won any crown at Miss World or Miss Universe after Priyanka and Lara, what do you think is hindering the glory?

Sarah: As I said in a forum earlier, the girls are just as beautiful ,they train just as hard and are very articulate. The only hindrance I feel is ineffective and egotistical management. It is also highly unimpressive that outfits are so often recycled!!!

8) Do you think you could have done better if you had been given more preparation or wardrobes?


Sarah: I think the time frame was fine for preparations and wardrobe. Its just that my outfit was not altered correctly and I had an issue with the fit at the contest. The night before the show, I was doing a manual alteration around the stomach area which had excess fabric. I did my best to cover it with my sash . So I guess more attention to detail needs to be paid to evening gowns as they can break the best of contestants .

9) How has the win at Miss India changed your life from as a regular Sarah to Miss India World 2001 Sarah?


Sarah: Well, for that year my life was hectic and very busy, just the way I liked it. I guess winning the Miss World would have added more sparkle but after handing over my crown as Miss India, I knew there were no more pageants to aim for so I settled back into my regular happy life. I got married and started pursuing my career in the banking and finance industry which I also excelled at. Its just me, I guess as a person, I always put my best foot forward. No matter where I am or what I do .

10) There was a rumour about you joining Femina as a coach for participants, so would you someday like to mentor girls preparing for international pageants?

Sarah: That would have been a great opportunity to pursue, however that was a rumour. None the less I’m open to any avenue that I feel I can contribute to in a positive way and that would enhance my life and make me feel proactive .

11) If you could change one historic moment in past, what would that be and why?

Sarah: The assignation of Mahatma Gandhi is an event I would want to change in history. I wish that Mahatma Gandhi would have lived a long life like nelson Mandela, it would have made a better ending to such a great man’s life.

12) Any message for your fans on TGPC?

Sarah: Live your life the way you want to otherwise you will have a life full of regrets instead of a world full of precious memories . It’s your life. live it…!!!

Our team wishes her all the best for her life ahead.

-TGPC Team