Ximena Navarrete – The Star with a Scar

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navaratte had invited a lot of wrath for her self, after her video about “not-so-good-times” in India was available on the internet.  Actually she had posted two videos – in one video, she spoke about her positive experiences in India and in the other video, she spoke about her negative experiences.  She ended up defaming herself, especially among the Indian fans.  However, we do feel that she is just a human and perhaps she learnt her lesson from the whole controversy.  Life has a lot to offer and the wise ones are those who choose to cherish the good parts and ignore the rest.

There is a lot of good in Ximena herself too!  In Miss Universe pageant, she was among favorites along with Yendi Phillipps of Jamaica.  Yendi had participated in Miss World before and hence people knew her well.  As expected, she did very well during the Miss Universe finale.  She easily cracked into the Top 5 after exceptional performance in prior rounds.  But along with her was the very competitive Ximena who had impressed everyone with her lean mean body during the swimsuit round and an effortlessly classy performance in evening gown competition.

Ximena and Yendi were neck to neck at the end.  The judge asked Ximena about un-supervised internet usage.  She said we can teach our children family values.  The judge picked by Yendi asked her about her stand on death penalty.  Yendi disapproved the concept of death penalty saying that only God had the right to take away someone’s life.  We feel anyone could win at this stage.

Perhaps the judges voted for the one who had more “universal” look and that was Ximena.  With her stunning face and sexy body, she did a good job as a Miss Universe.  Apart from the controversy after her visit to India, her reign was mostly harmonious and cherished.  Now she is a famous actress and a popular model in her country.

We found the latest pictures of Ximena for Benitos Santos for you all!