BREAKING NEWS: The Great Pageant Community’s Peoples’ Choice Award for Indian Princess 2014 goes to…


We have been more than overwhelmed by the response that we have got to the “TGPC Peoples’ Choice Award” for Indian Princess 2014.  In a short span, we received 3,410,685 votes from people all over India and even abroad.  The enthusiasm of the voters was also visible in the comments that we received.  It was really very sweet of the fans to share the link for voting numerous times.  The results of the poll were constantly available and as we all noticed, it was never a single-person’s game.  It was really fun and exciting.  We thank each and every one of you for active participation and votes! 🙂

We believe that all the girls of Indian Princess 2014 are really very good.  At the cost of sounding cliché’, we had like to acknowledge all the girls are winners – each and every one of them.  Without wasting much time, we will announce the official winner of the TGPC People’s Choice Award 2014.

The winner is…



She is pretty.  She is tall.  Her looks are very Indian and her smile is really very cute.  She is an engineer — the trend seems to be “IN” after Vanya, Anukriti and Manasi!  This really HOT engineer is associated with Software giant INFOSYS and is also active in social work – as proved by her association with the non-profit organization SNEH FOUNDATION, which intends to provide solid nutrition education and health to all children.  Beauty with a purpose, indeed!  She also seems to be a positive and friendly girl and we are glad to have her as our first winner!!!


She posted the following picture on her Facebook (it’s so cute!!) and we feel now she has one more thing to add to the list!!


Our best wishes are with you Swati – we really hope you win Indian Princess 2014 and achieve all your dreams, now and always!

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