The Curious Case of 4S.

The season 5 of Indian Princess, by Atharva Management, is nearing its conclusion. The finale shall be held in Mumbai on 18th February 2014. All the participants have gone through various phases of trainings and grooming, during past 20 days, by industries experts not only in India, but Thailand.


We, at The Great Pageant Community, started official voting for the selection of People’s Choice for Indian Princess 2014. The consistent leader for the first 5 days was Swati Singh from Mumbai. However, she was left behind by another Mumbaikar on the 6th day of voting by an increasing trend margin for next few days. The slot was very narrow for other girls to rise as the margin between this two and other girls was as huge as 2 lac votes. It was assumed that might be these two girls shall be holding hands as final two to claim the award of TGPC People’s Choice on 18th Feb’14. The other girls, who were chasing behind, however with a huge difference in votes, were Monica Sharma, Unnati Hunjan, Heena Harwani, Chandni Sharma etc. started lagging in votes as finale started nearing.

Vote Result

Now the twist here is that two more girls Sabby Suri form Chandigarh and Surbhi Tewari from Haldwani started rising in past 2 days with a huge growth. These girls were completely out of radar when the voting started. But seeing the fans and family supporting them like anything, these girls may toggle down both the Swatis in one day and may claim their name on the title.

This is bit interesting to know that all the Top 4 in voting have name initials with ‘S’, i.e. Swati Nanda, Sabby Suri, Swati Singh,  Surbhi Tewari. We wonder if these 4 girls will end up in Top 4 of finale as well? Or a new pack will rise and overpower them? Well, the answer shall be realised only on 18th Feb’14 post finale.


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-TGPC Team