Tug of War: Swati Vs Swati

The official voting for the selection of ‘TGPC’s People’s Choice’ for Indian Princess 2014 started a week back. Swati Singh, from Mumbai, came into the lead from the very first day till next 5 days.The girls who were almost to snatch her position, although the marginal was huge, were Monica Sharma, Nisha Choudhary, Unnati Hunjan, Chandni Hussain. However, none of them could succeed to tackle down the position of Swati Singh. We almost thought that Swati might go down as a winner for this award, in a rightful way, but this myth came to an end when another mubaikar girl Swati Nanda came out of nowhere and suddenly toped the chart in a single night. Swati Nanda has reached at a position that it seems that other girls’ fans and friends need to buckle up their shoe and be constantly UP for voting.


Current Status (IST- 20:47)

Swati Nanda: 209007 Votes

Swati Singh: 150075 Votes

This also shows that there is nothing impossible, if Swati Nanda can rise from bottom 5 to top leading position in no time, other girls can do too. It would be interesting to see if Singh wins over Nanda or Nanda overpowers Singh or some one who isn’t noticed yet comes out as a surprise winner in the finale. All this is up to how well a girl is supported by her fans and friends. Anyway, it’s a contest anyway, at the end of the day, just ONE girl has to win but what rest will take away is the fame. These girls have become a talk on google searches, FB searches and many more search engines. In a week we could receive 5 lac++ votings and the count is still going on.

Remember, the game may change at any moment. Keep voting for your favourite and help her to win People’s Choice Indian Princess 2014.


Link for voting: http://thegreatpageantcommunity.com/2014/02/02/official-votings-for-peoples-choice-award-for-indian-princess-2014-begins/


-Team TGPC