Who is the best Miss Universe representative from Philippines in past four years?


Talk about pageants and you cannot miss one country, which is unarguably the most pageant-crazy nation in the world.  Yes, we are talking about the Philippines.  The people of this country are crazy about pageants and the nation invests millions in the training and grooming of their girls.  The girls from this country do well in almost all the pageants every year, and it would not be incorrect to refer this country as “Venezuela of the East” when it comes to beauty pageants.  The country has the achieved the feat of making it to the TOP 5 of Miss Universe for four continuous years, something which any pageant fan will highly appreciate.

Venus Raj (4th Runner-up Miss Universe 2010)


Philippines’ invests a lot in training their girls and girls like Venus prove these investments appropriate.  She was a performer.  Her walk was very good.  Her body was very good.  Her gown was very good.  The way she carried her gown was very good.  The whole country was quite excited about her and she didn’t let anyone down.  She easily cleared the swimsuit and evening gown competitions in finale and was a heavy favourite once the TOP 5 was declared.  The crowd was cheering her up like crazy.  She was asked about her biggest mistake in life and she goofed up her chance a bit in nervousness.  She used the word MAJOR twice and it became an internet sensation.  Even today many fans make fun by repetition of the word in their posts.  Anyways, nervousness in such situations is not uncommon and her feat of making it so far is appreciated, from the heart and very genuinely.

Shamcey Supsup (3rd Runner-up Miss Universe 2011)


Personally she is my favourite because she is very beautiful facially.  Hopes were anyway high from her since Venus had penetrated TOP 5.  Plus she was very good in her own ways.  She had a graceful walk and a very feminine body.  It was easy for her to clear the swimsuit round.  In evening gown she was amazing, thanks to her beautiful and glittery gown.  In the final round, she actually gave a good answer.  She was asked if she would change her religion for her marriage.  She refused and gave a very sensible answer.  If only she had kept her tone a bit softer and sweeter, she would have actually won the crown.  And she would have been a fantastic winner, for we don’t see any aspect by which Leila Lopes of Angola surpasses this damsel.

Janine Tugonon (1st Runner-up Miss Universe 2012)


Honestly we were a bit disappointed when she won her national pageant but soon we realised that she is very sincere and determined.  Such girls shine out with proper training and that is what happened.  She did wonderful in swimsuit round with her famous Cobra walk. In evening gown round too, it was her walk that helped her.  In final round, she gave a very good answer.  She was asked if English should be mandatory for Miss Universe and she gave a negative response.  She said it is about attitude and she was correct.  Somehow she had the highly personable Olivia Culpo in competition and hence she lost.  Had she participated in 2010, 2011 or even 2013, she would have won.

Ariella Arida (3rd Runner-up Miss Universe 2013)


After the victory of Megan Young at Miss World, everyone was just waiting for Miss Universe, for the expectations were very strong.  Ariella had a good frame and likable walk.  She placed due to internet voting and topped the swimsuit round.  She finished 8th in the evening gown competition, but, due to high scores in swimsuit round, she placed in the TOP 5.  She was asked what can be done about lack of jobs and she spoke about education.  She was the only one who spoke in English among the TOP 5.  Had she spoken with more confidence and energy, the crown was hers.  In any case, she kept the spirits of her countrymen high.

It is really difficult to pick one among these four stars and so we will not even try!  Who is YOUR favourite?  Let us know… 🙂

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