The Battle of 5 Miss USA…!!!

USA is a country which always excels in Miss Universe, apart from Venezuela, for not just because the owner of Miss Universe and Miss USA are same, but also for the fact that Miss USA is one of the highly anticipated contest in USA and every years 1000s of girls applies in various stats pageants.

I thought of picking up Top 5 out of past 7 years and reviewing each Miss USA and their performances. I, however, keep the selection of winner and runners up on my dear audience as to me all Top 5 are just awesome.

MUSA(Left to Right: Erin Brady, Olivia Culpo, Alyssa Campanella, Crystle Stewart, Rachael Smith)

My Verdict on Top 5.

1) Erin Brady, Miss USA 2013: The win of Erin at Miss USA was a surprise over the stunners like Alabama and Utah. However, her win was well received by the fans as her final answer was one of the best that night and her overall performance was digestible as a winner. Anyway, she was just in top 10 of majority of the lists of fans pre-arrival at Miss Universe. However, once she appeared for Miss Universe 2013 at Russia, she was a let down from what she was at Miss USA 2013. She developed a little chubby face and body and also most of the time was lost into the crowd. Her preliminary performance was also not up to the mark and many people think that her Top 10 placement was maximum she could have reached. Although, she could not carry over the success of Olivia at Miss Universe, she has to be one of the most beautiful in past 7 years.

2) Olivia Culpo, Miss USA 2012: Her face is to die for..!!! No wonder she won Miss Universe back in 2012. Olivia represented Rhode Island at Miss USA which hardly gets noticed and hence many people didn’t see her win coming on the way. On finale, she was just unstoppable and could beat the stunners from Georgia, Nevada, Ohio and Maryland. However, her performance in the finale of Miss Universe 2013 preliminary and finale wasn’t conveyed with the same ease as of Miss USA and her win was then questioned alot as being rigged. No matter what, I personally believe that if it has to be rigged, rig it for someone who can take away breathe and she was apt for that.

3) Alyssa Campanella, Miss USA 2011: Alyssa’s win at Miss USA was just what all pageant fans were expecting. Her win made all the experts and fans across the globe go gaga over the pageants. Many even kept her as next Miss Universe and who would not? Her face is of a porcelain dolls which can easily pass of as a super beauty. However, the tragedy happened when she appeared at Miss Universe with a body of no meat. She was way too thin to be even called as a healthy. I was clueless that the girl whom I thought would win Miss Universe 2011 is not even in my Top 20 list now. She lost all her charm and was seen little under-confident through out the pageant. However, she still managed to place in Top 16 but the story ended there. I believe, had she crossed the swimsuit round, she would have been back with a bang in top 5 and would have become a threat for the crown, but, oh well…!!!

4) Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008: As in the case of Alyssa, Crystle was almost there topping the list of majority of Pageant experts. Her class is what sets her apart and her exotic beauty is what adds charm on her personality. It was no surprise that she walked away with an ease with the crown of Miss USA 2008 after that confident answer to the final interview question. She was also a front runner at Miss Universe, however Mexico and Venezuela were unbeatable that year, but failed to make it to top 5 after falling on stage during the Evening gown round.

5) Rachael Smith, Miss USA 2007: Rachael was a winner who although was not into most of top 5 list during her time, she still manage to receive good comments for her win. Obviously, her bubbly personality and conventional beautiful face made all wonders. Her final answer was also received well by audiences. She was also one of the front runners on finale of Miss Universe. She fell on stage during evening gown round yet managed to make it to the top 5 due to her spirit and smiling face even after falling down. I felt very bad when I saw public booing her during her top 5 final question-answer round. Had I been at her place, I might not have handled it with smiling face..!!! I must say she did it very maturely. This is why she finds a place in my Top 5 favourites.

I rest their case on you people and allow you to cast your say. Vote for them, I shall announce the results on 15th Jan’14.

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