Why Vasuki actually didn’t place Miss Universe 2011???


Well this might be an irrelevant topic to discuss after years, but I came across one news website (Source: http://lifestyle.in.msn.com/specials/lifestyle_photos.aspx?cp-documentid=5402920) and few interviews given by Vasuki, so I thought let’s have a review on why she didn’t place in Top 16 finalists of Miss Universe 2011..!!!

Vasuki had been openly challenging I Am She in various interviews that they didn’t help her prepare for Miss Universe, in terms of proper training, wardrobe, make up etc. She made a statement that she was out of the competition due to the fact that she didn’t have her National costume, during national costume round of Miss Universe, because it was stuck in Brazil’s custom department. We would like to make it clear that there is no scoring done for National costume in Miss Universe. The round is kept only for showcasing the various cultures and has got no relevance in selecting the Top 16 of Miss Universe. For a moment, we believe that it was scored; couldn’t she wear a simple Indian saree or some salwar kameez for the event?? At least she should have given a try rather than tweeting on tweeters and FB about how she lost just because she didn’t receive National Costume. We actually believe that she could have handled it easily if she wanted it to.

 Vasuki Sunkavalli

Her performance in preliminary was not that energetic compared to other girls…!! She was stiff in swimsuit round and dull during evening gown round..!!! We always were proud of her self-confidence she showed during I AM SHE 2011 finale, but the same wasn’t conveyed during the preliminary performance at Miss Universe. However, she was one of the best speakers out there, which was quite visible in her interviews so we believe that she might have scored well in indoor interview round, may be it wasn’t sufficient to seal her fate in Top 16.

Vasuki claimed in an interview that she didn’t receive any make up kit or training as promised in I Am She for her preparation. Well, we do have to agree about it as I am she had hard time in managing sponsors and funds, but this can’t be taken as an excuse for a non placement because with even less amount of help and training, Shilpa Singh managed to place India in Top 16 at Miss Universe 2012. She anyway had make up done during appearances in Miss Universe 2011, so we really don’t understand how make up kit as responsible for a non placement..!!!

If we see actual Top 16 that year, it was really very tough competition and was very hard for Vasuki to penetrate into that lot with that kind of lack luster performance. The only reason she didn’t place was that other girls performed much better…!!! Simple..!!!

Vasuki always kept updating her FB status that she will win Miss Universe crown and will bring glory to India, kept engaging fans til the finale. Once she failed to place in Top 16, she de-activated her profile.

Pic Credits: Lifestyle and Globalbeauties website.

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