International Pageants

As an Indian pageant fan, my MOST EXCITING PAGEANT-MOMENT of the year 2013 was…

Miss India Manasi Moghe had performed extremely well in the Miss Universe 2013 preliminary competition and for sure deserved to be called in the TOP 16.


Bloody Miss Universe Organization people (no offense) called her on the 14th Spot!  We had to wait so long before hearing her name!  It was so exciting and nerve-wreaking.  While the show was ON, we were chatting with other pageant fans and discussing our reactions as the announcements begun.  But in background “Will she be called” program was ON in each of our minds and it was so damn exciting!  Finally when her name was called out, it was WONDERFUL.  I remember cheering up like we do when India wins cricket matches against Pakistan.  It was fun!  It was amazing.


Once the swimsuit round was OVER, again the anxiety started.  The nervousness started.  Will she make it to the Top 10?  It was so exciting.  But this time MUO spared us.  She was called FOURTH!  And it was awesome because it had been years since Miss India was called in Top 10 and frankly to me it was a dicey case because there were many girls who did very well in swimsuit round.  


It was fun to watch her in evening gown round and a bit disappointing when her journey ended.  But then it was very satisfying overall.  

And this is why we all love Manasi Moghe and always will!  Best wishes Manasi… 🙂

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