Does size matter?



  • Reasons we want to see Anukriti Gussain (Femina Miss India 2013 TOP 5) in Miss Diva 2014:

1) She is easily the best face of Indian pageants for 2013.
2) She may be among the top 10 most beautiful women in the world who tried in pageants this year.
3) Her beauty is stunning and glamorous. Her face is very commercial.
4) Miss Universe Organization can be glad to have her as a winner.  She is exceptionally beautiful and very natural looking.
5) Olivia Culpo was only as tall as Anukriti. Short girls like Tara Conner & Puja Gupta have done well at Miss Universe.
6) Her beauty is so powerful that “not being so tall” can be overlooked.
7) Miss Universe is these days giving more importance to beauty than height. That is how Manasi Moghe scored more in swimsuit round than contestants from Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, etc. who had exceptionally good bodies.
8) There can be lot of improvement in Anukriti Gussain after Miss India pageant. She must have underwent a lot of grooming and still there is lot of time
9) Her english is weak but she can speak in Hindi. Many recent winners at MU have spoken in their native languages.
10) Her body is “not so tall”, but she is fit and with proper gym-training, she can become fitter.  She can easily attract attention and fan-base by her beauty.

  • Reasons we want to see Jhataleka (Miss Diva 2013 TOP 5) in Femina Miss India 2014:

1) She has a very beautiful face.
2) Her sophisticated look can be a big hit in Miss World.
3) She can be groomed into a stunning contender.
4) She can for sure be among the top finalists of Miss World with her beauty.
5) She was an underdog who rose up into the top 5 of Miss Diva against all odds.
6) Like Puja Gupta & Mansi Moghe, she is so beautiful that you tend to over-lookl her flaws.
7) She is well-spoken.
8) She is a classy, smart woman and Julia Morley tends to like such beauties.
9) Her charming presence was easily noticed in the Q/A rounds of Miss Diva.

Hope to see both of them again this year !!!