Best of Miss Universe 2013

Our experts have judged the contestants of Miss Universe 2013 that concluded last month in Russia in six categories:

a) Surprise of the year
b) If Only She was there
c) Best in Swimsuit
d) Best in Evening gown
e) Best in National Costume
f) Best Finale Answer
g) Beauty of the Year

Surprise of the Year


Miss India – Manasi Moghe

This spot certainly belongs to India’s Manasi Moghe.  She was nowhere in any list when the pageant started, but she kept giving her best.  She surprised everyone during the prelims.  She looked beautiful like a rose in the evening gown.  Her smile made her a standout.  She was easily one of the most beautiful girls in the show and instantly made it to every list.  Some fans even considered her for the top spot.  She proved all right by placing on merit in the semi-finals and then advancing up to the top 10.  We feel she deserved a higher score in the evening gown round.  Nevertheless, she did wonderful for herself and her country.

If Only she was there


Miss Israel – Yityish (Titi) Aynaw

To us, it was no surprise to see Miss Poland miss the cut.  She is beautiful, but she could have done a lot better in prelims.  The real surprise to us was exclusion of Miss Israel Yityish (Titi) Aynaw.  She was a standout since the beginning of competition.  Even during the prelims, she was clearly among the best girls.  She excelled in both swimsuit and evening gown rounds.  We feel she might have either missed the cut by whiskers, or she was intentionally kept out because if she had made it to the semi-finals, it would have been difficult to keep her out of the top 5.

Best in Swimsuit


Miss Brazil – Jakelyne Oliveira

May it be the preliminaries or the finals, the moment she stepped on the stage in the swimsuit, you feel she is perfect.  There is absolutely no flaw whatsoever in the body of Jakelyne as per the conventional standards.  She is perfect and deserved a score of 9.99. In fact it is surprising why she was not the top scorer in the swimsuit round of finale.

Best in Evening Gown


Miss Ukraine – Olga Storozhenko

Her face is magnetic and when she walks on the stage, one hardly notices anything else.  In the white gown, she looked like a Goddess in motion.  It would have been wonderful to see her in the top 5.  If she had won, she would have been mentioned along with likes of Dayana Mendoza and Oxana Federova for her divine beauty.

Best in National Costume


Miss Nicaragua – Nastassja Bolivar

The costume is large and the beautiful peacock feathers have their own effect.  We can imagine how magnificent it can look in person.  Add to this, Nastassja is a beautiful woman and carried the dress with amazing skill.

Best Finale Answer


Miss Venezuela – Gabriella Isler

Miss Venezuela’s answer and this is no surprise because she won the crown due to it.  The question came from Judge Steven Tyler, “What is your biggest fear and how do you plan to overcome it?” Venezuela replied, “I believe that one may have a lot of fears but nonetheless this is nothing negative. I believe we should overcome all of our fears and this in turn would make us much stronger. And thus, we can become much stronger persons. As soon as we overcome our fears and we’re sure of ourselves, we can face any challenge. Thank you.” The question was negative and such questions are dangers because if you answer them honestly, you lose the crown.  This question was asked to Miss Switzerland in 2006.  She gave a logically correct answer, but there was nothing special.  Gabriella intelligently used the challenge as an opportunity.  Instead of giving the precise answer, she gave a round-about but “good to hear” answer.  Her confidence and charming delivery helped her win.

Beauty of the Year


Miss Spain – Patricia Rodriguez

We had rather choose the girl in this category as the eventual winner at the pageant.  For us, she is Miss Spain Patricia Rodriguez.  She is genuinely beautiful girl.  She is natural.  Even if you look at her in swimsuit, it seems she never needed a gym.  She has the perfect natural body which mostly comes either to those blessed souls who receive it in their genes, or those who learn swimming since a young age.  In the evening gown round too, she looked simple and yet angelic.  We feel such natural beauties could be encouraged.  Had this been Miss World pageant, perhaps Patricia might have been chosen as the winner.