Salute to Sobhita Duhipala


Stunning Sobhita Duhipal,in spite of all the claims put on her regarding why she didn’t place in Miss Earth, has moved ahead and accepted the results gracefully. A true salute to her class and big heart by not coming out speaking wrong thing about Miss Earth like all usual beauty queens do.

This is what she wrote addressing Missosology Forum members.

Dearest Missosology, Greetings!

Here is an open letter to allow you an understanding of how I truly feel. To be performing on the same stage with an opera singer like Miss Kazakhstan or a ballet dancer like Miss Russia for example, is a matter of great great joy to me! Spending three weeks in a foreign country where every act and non act of ours is judged, is quite taxing and straining for any 21 year old. However, it has been the most festive month of my life and the lessons I have learnt here will stay with me until my blood is blue.

I have met fascinating people, made friendships that I know will go a long way and encountered emotions and experiences that are life changing. That to me is the essence of being in a pageant. Experimenting various cuisines everyday, wearing the prettiest of clothes, enjoying adventure sports, unending bus rides with funny chatter and traveling to breath taking locations with the most beautiful women in the world…Sweet Lord! What more would anyone want?

I might not go back with the crown but I depart from Manila with the widest smile I have ever smiled. Thank you each and everyone, for the consistent feedback and opinions you have boldly voiced. A big hug to all those who sincerely stood by me and supported me and a bigger hug to all those who haven’t. Despite the emotional turbulence, you have only made me stronger. Constructive criticism is one of the greatest propellants and like they say, rough roads make smooth drivers! I am astonished by the amount of improvement and evolution I have gone through over the preparation and course of the pageant. A change I am proud of and grateful for.

Having been the best version of myself is a matter of terrific satisfaction. Congratulations to all the beautiful finalists and winners. They thoroughly deserved what they got and I am heartily happy for them! Merry Christmas!

Sobhita Dhulipala

Miss Earth India 2013

At the end, I begin.
Letter Courtesy: Sahil Verma