Meet Sharon Fernandes, Indian Princess 2013

Sharon Fernandes

One year back, Sharon was living a normal life as any other girl next door. The door of name & fame opened up on 8th March when she won Indian Princess 2013, managed by Atharva Management group under the leadership of Mr. Sunil Rane, in Mumbai. Sharon won this contest beating other 14 gorgeous girls. Winning the title of Indian Princess 2013 gave her an official right to represent India at Miss Intercontinental 2013. Currently she is in Berlin, Germany for the said pageant. Let’s hope she makes our country proud by winning the crown of Miss Intercontinental for India.

1. Hello Sharon, tell us something about yourself.

Ans: Hi all, hope you guys doing good in your life..!!!

Well about me, I am basically from Mumbai, however I am a Manglorean. I love to write poems, sketch, and cooking. Not many people know that I was a tomboy when I was in my early teens. I used to play football and get into a lot of trouble in school..hahahaha! I finished my degree in economics and history. I have been an air hostess with a reputed airline in past. I started modelling at the age of 19. Since childhood, I’ve always dream of being a model. I used to wear my mom’s dress, heels, make up and act in front of the mirror at home which used to get into trouble quite often!!

2. How was your journey during Indian princess, and who was your best mate  amongst the co-contestants??

Ans: You won’t believe but my journey was a dream. It was a beautiful present given to me by the universe. My selection from auditions to being crowned as ‘Indian princess 2013’ was a culmination of my efforts and luck. I told myself every day, “ are here because they saw something in you, so keep that fire fueled and you will go far”.

I was blessed with not one but two best mates; Tarika Chauhan, my roomie, who is a wonderful person. The best part about her is she is very humorous and she doesn’t even know it. From waking up in the morning till the time to going to bed, she was a treat. Another friend, the one who kept me motivated and was a little sister to me, was Riddhi khakkar. She is so confident in her skin. She is ‘who she is’ and very mature for her age. I was always happy around her…!!!

3. How were Mr. & Mrs. Rane as a mentor??

Ans: Mrs.Rane is a power house, full of energy that you just want her to notice you and compliment you. Everything she says is always important and you can learn something out of it. She notices your strong and weak points and guides you so well that at the end of the day when you go to bed; the thoughts going through your mind are, “I am beautiful and smart..and i am complete..I AM A PRINCESS !” MR.RANE on the other hand would keep us grounded..he would tell us what is good and bad for us…and call a spade a spade..he would motivate us in so many ways..i have immense respect for him..he would test us in many ways during our training sessions as well..i have learned a lot from Mr. Rane!

4. Describe Indian Princess in 1 line.


5. How do you think winning Indian Princess changed your life?

Ans: I was a girl who would always tie her hair up in a bun no matter what occasion would be or wear denim most of the time. Make up to me was lip-gloss, that’s it. Indian princess is not a pageant to me; it’s a journey where I grew into a woman. I feel that I became more poised, aware, and confident. Now I know how to do make up from tip to toe. They teach you how to strike a pose, even how to even get in and out of a car in a cocktail dress. I am a celebrity when I put on that sash and crown…I am a different person altogether now, like I said before INDIAN PRINCESS AIMS FOR PERFECTION!

6. Any message for your fans & supporters??

Ans: Well rather than fans, I prefer the word friends as it sounds more connecting. I would like to tell all my friends that don’t let anything hold you back. Life is unpredictable; you can never plan enough so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Always be positive and remember if you wish with all your heart, dreams can come true; mine has and may every one of yours’ too…!!!



Author: D-Dude

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