Survivor TGPC, Day-3 Immunity Challenge: Do your Math.

Survivor TGPC: Day 3, Immunity Challenge: Do Your Math…!!!   So here is the quick recap of what happened yesterday, Beauty tribe lost the immunity challenge in Day 2. Hence, went through an elimination. Shashank Nair got 5 votes against him and Iftekar Alam got 1 vote against […]


Survivor TGPC Kick Starts.

Hello Fellas, So the wait is over, phewww…. Today we officially begin  the first Ever season of ‘Survivor TGPC’. Survivor TGPC is based on a famous TV Show SURVIVOR, where all the members will compete to win an ultimate  title of ‘Survivor TGPC’ by either keeping themselves safe by winning […]

Miss Namibia Universe 2014 Contestants

Land of Michelle McLean is strong with beauties this year.  The Twelve contestants of the national pageant seem to be very competitive and if the winner is chosen right, the country can make a mark at Miss Universe this year. Contestant pictures credit: Again, just comment the name […]