Meet Barkha Nangia- Creator of Mrs India-Pride of Nation

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”

-Michelle Obama 

Barkha Nangia

All their lives, women and their personal aspirations are put on hold behind a myriad of responsibilities and duties. They never really live for themselves. This has been the stance of our society for a very long time and it was about time that something had to be done to change this. And Ms Barkha aspired to be the face of this change helping women transform their lives and realise their dreams.

Since she was a girl, she always wanted to do something amazing that would transform people’s lives. She came up with the idea of working with women who may have lost all hope of achieving fame and fortune after getting married. She wanted to show them that they can achieve anything when they put their mind and heart to it.

To organize Beauty Pageants was a very conscious decision she made since she had met countless women who restrained themselves on showcasing their potential. The purpose of establishing these pageants was to focus on India’s married women to encourage them not to be held back by the “conventional standards of having aspirations in this world.” All their lives, women are told to live for others and play various roles dutifully-a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and many more. Once they get married and go on with life with the ember burning ever-so-slightly, it gets washed out often. She wanted to rekindle and strengthen that passion in them and give them an expanse to hone themselves to have the confidence to walk on their desired path. These pageants are not just competitions, but a series of workshops, grooming and training sessions, and space for personality development – a safe domain to intensify and polish what these beautiful women already possess in them. Ms Barkha wants all these women to feel beautiful about themselves, their lives, their achievements and their ambitions. The whole idea behind the pageants is to give them a mere push into the path they have chosen for themselves.

Barkha Nangia

Her journey to success has been nothing short of miracle. It has been full of ups and downs but she learnt from every experience and she tries to get better and finer with each event she organizes.

In the beginning, she faced a lot of hardships. It is not easy for a woman to rise in the world of business and achieve success without people pulling her down. She has come a long way and has grown in strength both physically and emotionally. She looks towards positive criticism to improve herself and her pageant and doesn’t give in to negative comments from her detractors. Having spent over 4 years in this business, her peers surely feel proud to associate themselves with her and the brand that she has created.

She reckons that Beauty Pageants are criticized globally, but her pageants- Mrs Delhi NCR, Mrs India-Pride of Nation are a celebration of all the women who are a part of this event. Her first pageant was held in 2013. Right from makeup artists, designers, life coaches, assistants, they all build up a massive team of diligent women and men who work to accomplish one grail – Women Empowerment. She finds her role model in every woman she works with. Each one is special; each one has something to give and she finds that very inspiring.

This is not only a beauty pageant but a Holistic Experience which can truly transform a woman’s life and give her dreams wings to fly. All her events have an underlying special message to women in this country, whether it is about cancer awareness or body positivity, it is always uplifting. She wants to bring a change in the way women are seen in India and she wants to be an ambassador of this change.

 She genuinely believes that a woman should not be dependent upon her beauty to feel empowered because elegance and intellect are the only beautiful traits that never really fade.

A confident woman is a beautiful woman inside out. Empowering these women to work in various spheres of life is the primary purpose of this pageant. Mrs. India, Pride of Nation, doesn’t cease its tremors after one event. Having a woman believe in herself gives her a sense of self-awareness and self-realization. Empowerment comes when one acquires ‘Self-Confidence.’ And these events are triumphal in the way they reinforce what they have to serve. All they need is a push to achieve the desired goal/dream.

 The ability to realize one’s potential determines what path they choose for themselves. This pageant enables these women to be able to have a voice of their own since no “no one is you and that is your power.” These women either move on to more significant challenges or lead their lives with newly acquired confidence, and a few even start afresh, to lead onto a better future. Ms Barkha envisioned how these ladies move on from this experience. The heightened sense of dignity they acquire has elevated and affected them, their personal lives, jobs, relationships, and careers in a positive sense. Isn’t this women empowerment?

Today, Ms Barkha, along with her talented team, run multiple pageants, and their listing has grown to include women from all the backgrounds, regions, professions, sizes and they celebrate all of them in their entirety. It is rightly said that Hard work pays off! Her zeal and enthusiasm has got her so far and gave her a name and recognition in her field. Having this as an opportunity has helped her achieve her goals, and it has made her master the art of adaptability. She gets empowered by empowering these women, and their success gives her a beautiful sense of triumph and fulfilment. Their happiness is her bounty. As they say, “The Future is Female” and she truly believes so.