Meet Nishtha Karkhanis-An Architect who designed her destiny towards Mrs India Crown

“You could be Anything and You could be Everything!”

This statement has become a driving force for women empowerment. We are in an age where women are still expected to serve the family and give up their right to dream and perceive it. Fortunately, the shell is falling off slowly. Women are slowly rising up to take the highest position in the hierarchy which always belonged to them. They are going out in every field of life and achieving every possible feat that come across their path. Today we have one such amazing woman who not only shut down the societal convention, but also rose to the fame which nobody around her ever expected. She is Nishtha Karkhanis, the winner of Diva Mrs India- Empress of the Nation 2019 and also winner of subtitle Mrs. Top Model.

Nishtha Karkhanis

Nishtha Karkhanis is an architect by profession, currently in-charge of the Design department at MET’s Bhujbal School of Architecture and Design, Nashik. Her teaching career spans 14 years. She’s an associate architect at the eminent Architectural firm, Karkhanis & Associates. She also trains and counsels students for Architecture and Design entrance exams. She came from a diverse cultural background – born in Indore, M.P., in a Sikh family, brought up in Bardoli, Gujarat and now married to a Maharashtrian and settled in Nashik, Maharashtra since last 15 years. She naturally imbibed the values of all these beautiful places and people.

An architect by profession, academician by passion and a doting mother of two by heart. Juggling all these roles, she never wavered in any performance may it be the stage or her personal life. Nishtha nurtured a dream of foraying into modelling and pageantry since she was a teenager. At this juncture of her life, where she was an accomplished professional, she finally decided to take the plunge and registered for the Diva Mrs. India pageant.

Nishtha Karkhanis

Before she embarked on the metamorphic journey of discovering the diva in her, she weighed various options and brands which could provide her with the best possible platform to achieve her goals. She ended up choosing DIVA Pageants, since most of the people she interacted with, vouched for its authenticity and high standards! THE BEST, is what she got in the four days of exemplary grooming by the fantastic team of mentors across the country. During these four days the contestants were trained to polish various facets like voice modulation, stage presence, fitness, mental health, ramp-walk and other personality-enhancing sessions by top of the line groomers.

In her own words: “Anjana ma’am and Karl sir, along with their DIVA team shall leave no stone unturned in bringing out the best in you, no matter which place, profession or back ground you belong to!”

 The jouney- beyond the win!

A “life-altering” transformation is what each and every lady experiences, who participates under the umbrella of DIVA.  The same can be confirmed for Nishtha, who was already a professor and mentor to her students. But after the win, could set an example that with focus and hard-work, all your dreams can be achieved!

Endless opportunities start knocking at your door-step after the pageant and a whole new world is out there, waiting to be explored. May it be working for a cause/representing an NGO, modelling, photo shoots, social-media influencer or many more! Being a pageant winner makes all these endeavors more meaningful and relevant as your reach increases. And let me point out, many of these opportunities/recommendations are given by mentors Anjana ma’am and Karl sir, who guide and support even after the pageant!

Nishtha Karkhanis

Nishtha sums it up..

“Sky is the limit. We are limitless and so are our dreams, we must never doubt ourselves”- Manushi Chillar, Miss World 2017 winner.

With that beautiful quote, I am eagerly looking forward to the season 3 of DIVA Mrs. India Empress of the Nation and crowning of the next Mrs. India who aspires to DARE, DREAM, DAZZLE!!