Dear Zoheb

Dear Zoheb,

I know for a fact that whenever an article that was posted on this website you would be one of the first ones to check it out and message us on it and I am quite sure that you would read this article from your eternal home.

We knew each other for about 2 years now and yet it felt like we knew each other for like forever. Your childlike persona and tumultuous nature were infectious.

You were on the verge of fulfilling one of your dreams of becoming a stylist. To be honest it is the loss of fashion world that it couldn’t see one of the brightest star shining in its full glory. I still remember our chats about how you wanted your 2 prodigies Summer and Niyamat to enter the Miss India contest and win it someday. There were so many things you wanted to do for both of them be it photoshoots, grooming, styling etc you just wanted the best for both of them.

Yesterday when we got the news of your sudden and untimely demise it was hard to believe that you had left us so soon.  When I was walking towards the room where your mortal remains were kept I could literally hear my heart pounding fast thinking that this is the last time I was going to see this kid with whom I have fought argued and laughed for the last 2 years. Yet deep down I was expecting that you were playing some sort of evil prank on all of us but when I saw you lying down peacefully with your trademark grin smile and at that moment I realised that you were at a better place which scriptures describe as the ultimate resting place for all of us.

We at The Great Pageant Community will always remember you for your kindness, your dedication your ambitions and more importantly like a friend and a younger brother. Sincerely gonna miss your “Aye”& “Stress”.

Till the time we meet again lots of love from Andreas, Dipak, Farhan and everyone from The Great Pageant Community. May Your Soul Rest In Peace.