The tale of living literature-Pooja Sharma


I remember when I started talking to this girl I found her genuinely talented,grounded and inspiring. A few days back in a conversation she revealed of leaving her MNC job and pursue her passion.When I got the opportunity to interview someone who had moved me ,no other name came near my intellect but hers.
Pageantry is one of the most underrated sector in India unlike Venezuela and Phillipines and its aspirants are almost never acknowledged of their hardships.

Earliar I only knew about Priyanka Chopra ,Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen but when I started watching and following these pageants in 2004,I came to know about Tanushree Dutta,Amrita Thapar and many more.” She exclaimed to me!
I managed to make a 45 minutes long conversation with this lady who had come after attending ‘Jaipur Literature festival’ and just wrapped up with her shoot.

Meet Pooja Sharma,25 years old,Industrial and…

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