Femina Miss India 2017 Trio: Upgrade, Downgrade or Status Quo

Femina Miss India has just crowned it’s 2017 winners and the overall reaction is largely positive, from the national as well as international pageant fans. Like every year, our experts compared the new winners with former ones in our Upgrade/Downgrade/Status Quo analysis.

Criteria: There can be many criteria to perform the analysis. We choose to do it on basis on suitability to international pageants, because the winners are after all expected to bring pride to the country by performing well internationally.

femina miss india
Femina Miss India 2017 winners (Top row: Manushi, Sana, Priyanka) and Femina Miss India 2016 winners (Bottom row: Priyadarshini, Sushruthi, Pankhuri)

Let us begin our analysis!

Winner: Priyadarshini Chatterjee v/s Manushi Chhillar

Priyadarshini Chatterjee made it to the Top 20 in Miss World 2017 and represented India well. She is sweet, down to earth, humble, genuine, personable and honest. All of that reflects in her presence. Manushi Chhillar on the other hand has different strengths. She is taller and in better shape. She oozes confidence and has a stronger presence. She comes across as a more focused person and with greater boldness. Largely she talks as good as Priyadarshini, but it comes across as more impressionable because of her comparatively more assertive demeanor. She is an MBBS student and thus has a stronger profile. We expect her to crack the Top 10 or even Top 5 in Miss World 2017. Overall verdict: Progress

1st Runner-up: Sushruthi Krishna v/s Sana Dua

Sushruthi Krishna comes across as the ‘typical Indian beauty’ and in a good way. She is down to earth, graceful and humble. She speaks well too, but her downfall is weak stage presence. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen more of her since she did not represent India internationally. Sana Dua is a lawyer and you can see that in the way she speaks. There is so much conviction and self-assurance. She was 1st Runner-up in Senorita India 2016 and yet she was a bit raw in Femina Miss India 2017. This means there is potential for a lot of improvement and we look forward to the same. At this point of time, we don’t find her exceptionally better or weaker compared to last year’s 1st runner-up.  Overall verdict: Status Quo

2nd Runner-up: Pankhuri Gidwani v/s Priyanka Kumari

Now this is the toughest one! Pankhuri Gidwani has so much you look for in a beauty queen – towering height, facial beauty, inherent grace, intelligence & honest confidence. And yet she couldn’t place in Miss Grand International. She was a bit weak in stage presence and walk.  Perhaps she is one of the girls who are meant for doing great in print modelling or movies rather than pageants. On the other hand, Priyanka Kumari is hardcore pageant material. She has been grooming herself with dedication since almost an year with the help of Ritika Ramtri & Miss TGPC, and you can see that in her. Her perfect posture, impressive walk, sugary smile, likable presence, music-to-ears-innocent communication – everything screams ‘pageant girl’ and in a good way. With good transformation and proper styling, this girl can place in Top 10 or Top 5 of Miss Grand International 2017. She can place high in Miss United Continents 2017 or Miss Supranational 2017 too.  Overall verdict: Progress

Overall, we can conclude that India has a better batch this year. Nonetheless all six winners – we appreciate them for who they are and look forward to them doing well in their lives.