7 Reasons why every pageant girl should join ‘The Tiara Institute’ once in life time.

Supriya Jaiswal

Supriya Jaiswal, winner of the Tiara Queen by TGPC and Aditi Pillai from TGPC.

The team of ‘The Great Pageant Community’ was invited yesterday to judge the ‘The Tiara Queen’ by TGPC yesterday where Supriya Jaiswal emerged out at the ultimate winner. It has to be one of the best experiences that we had so far in pageantry, not just because of judging the pageant but there is a lot about ‘The Tiara’ that engages you at this place for a longer time than you planned to be there. Our team was all praise about ‘The Tiara’ when they came back and we felt the need of sharing the same to all the readers of TGPC. There has always been a hype around The Tiara and with our team’s presence there, we realized that it deserves every bit of it. We feel every pageant aspirant should at least try once in life to get trained at The Tiara. There is a lot more to explore at this place than just pageantry and hereby we give you 7 Reasons on why every girl should join ‘The Tiara’.

India’s Best Mentor to train you

Ritika Ramtri

The Tiara institute is more than 2 decades old and mentor Ritika Ramtri comes with a lot of experience from carving a girl next door to making them the national winners. Ritika has produced more than 150 national crown winners till date and the count is ongoing. The course is highly structured that covers various aspects of pageants like walk, make-up, styling, diet plan, exercise regime, mental preparation on how to go balanced through-out the pageant, various photoshoots in different wardrobe styling, camera posing and facing camera angles, question and answer grooming, public speaking, confidence building etc. What else does a girl want? Believe us, you are in the hand of a PERFECT person. Having said this, we would also like to mention that Ritika isn’t a cheesy mentor, she will scold you when you are not delivering up to to your potential, but we would quote that only a strict mentor can get the best out of you.

The vibe of the Institute is like a mini Heaven

All those who have been to this place would understand why we said this. The interior of the place is designed with taking even the minute most details into the consideration. Many of you might not know but Ritika is a great interior designer and if you see her place, you would feel that even the professional interior decorators now a day would fail in front of her. It’s not that she uses all the most expensive stuffs, but it’s more about how creatively she has decorated this place using regular items. How to effectively utilize the place yet make it most beautiful looking is one thing to learn here. The place screams ‘Royalty’. When you are trained in such a beautiful place for a month, all you find is mental peace and you find yourself more dedicated to achieve your goals. The place is full of motivational quotes, pictures of winners, and shelf full of crown. We bet if a girl goes there, she wouldn’t want to leave the place so easily.

The goodies girls get during their course are too good

Ritika never compromises on rewarding and recognizing the students when they do good job. In fact she gives a daily tiara to one best performing girl based on evaluation of daily task and girls also get stuffs like make-up items, dresses, cute womanly stuffs and at times sponsored prizes. From our discussion with many past students, we were communicated that what Ritika mam does in return for girls is lot more in compared to the fees they pay. Often girls have mentioned that they have felt complete worth of the fees they had paid.

Competitive Environment

Contestants competing during end of the batch finale, creating a feeling of real pageant competition.

If you are a pageant aspirant, and have trained yourself through self-tutorial and you feel you are shoo in to win the contest, then you might be missing on very important aspect. Pageant today is less of physical preparation but more of a mental preparation. When you are doing your course at The Tiara, you see many other girls like you aspiring for the same goal as you. However, it makes whole course so competitive because you know you are getting trained along with you competitor. Moreover, you see girls who are better than you in certain aspects and this is what compels you to push yourself further in the training and try delivering better than what you did. Training yourself alone will hardly get you any mental strength because when you go to national pageants, there shall be lot many girls who will intimidate you, provoke you and even make you feel insecure. With only structured training of how to handle all this stress, you’ll be able to stay calm for 30 days of the pageant.

Making Profit isn’t the driving force

Priyanka Kumari did refresher course for 5 times before going to Femina Miss India 2017 contest, without being charged even a penny.

The way the whole training is conducted, from Day-1 to last day, one can easily make out that Ritika Ramtri is surely not doing this as a business for making profits, certainly not. In fact, there are instances that if a girl comes to get trained at The Tiara, Ritika gives them free refresher courses for future. A classic example would be Priyanka Kumari, Miss TGPC Supermodel 2016 and Femina Miss India Bihar 2017, where she went on to get trained by Ritika for almost 5 times and she wasn’t charged for other 4 sessions. There are many other girls like this case. In fact, once a girl wins national pageant, Ritika doesn’t charge her for training for her international pageant. When we asked Ritika about this, she replied that if she sees potential in girl, she doesn’t believe in taking money for polishing them further. Her ultimate dream is to get Miss World/Miss Universe to India and that is the bigger picture she is looking forward to. Hence, money doesn’t really excite her there. Also, she has always been kind enough to train girls referred by TGPC for free without any terms and conditions. A money minded person would never do it for free for so long. The maximum one would do is give certain discount but Ritika has policy of her own and we love it absolutely.

Meet more than a Pageant Coach

If you follow Ritika’s wall, you would see how man time she is tagged as a life coach, god mother, guide forever etc. One can’t have such a consistent good feedback for so long without any reason. Ritika is often seen to go beyond her committed time and walk extra miles to make sure her students don’t lack anywhere, provided student has that intention to work extra hours. In fact she has involved personally in to preparations of many girls for national pageants like Femina Miss India and Miss Diva even for the areas like BWAP, National Costumes, various sub-contests. Not a normal pageant coach would do this much beyond the fixed commitments, you need someone who understands their responsibility and own the job she does- Ritika Ramtri is that person.

Your Safety is First Priority

Being a girl in India gets you a lot of restriction already from the time you are born. Why? Because our society is still not safe and woman friendly. This is a major concern of all the parents while they send their girls to any training. However, Ritika has always ensured that girls don’t suffer any harassment while they are with her. Ritika has managed to tie-up with local service provides to make sure girls get facilities like Girls Hostel, Gym, Healthy food provider without going much far. In fact hostel is mere 7 minutes far walking distance from her institute. Also, Ritika personally takes girls to go for shopping pageant related stuffs like wardrobe, make-up items, shoes etc to ensure girls are not cheated by shop-keepers by overpricing the products. In fact Tiara has managed to find few of the best places to shop with least costing to be borne by the girls.

Do you really need to tell you now why should you join The Tiara today itself? Do ping us back if you have any query.

Note: This post is no way done on promotional basis. It is just the genuine heartfelt experience our team had all this while during our interactions with Ritika Ramtri and during our presence at her institute yesterday.

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