Stephanie Del Valle v/s Mireia Lalaguna

Mireia Lalaguna, Stephanie Del Valle
Mireia Lalaguna crowns Stephanie Del Valle as Miss World

Recently Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico won the title of Miss World 2016 in Washington D.C., the United States of America.  Stephanie was crowned by Mireia Lalaguna, Miss World 2015 from Spain.  As always, the comparisons have already begun between the two ladies.  Is the crown moving to a more deserving head to adorn?  In other words, who is better – Mireia or Stephanie?

Mireia Lalaguna did well in the pre-final activities of Miss World 2015.  She won the Top Model contest.  In the finals, she looked gorgeous in a blue gown and was truly surprised on being announced as the winner.  She travelled many countries during her reign – perhaps the most travelled international pageant winner of 2015.  She did numerous humanitarian activities and won the coveted Luxury Award for the same.  The fans warmed up to her as the time passed, because she looked better and better every passing month.  Those who meet her in person find her STUNNING and acknowledge that she is one of those people who look much better in person than in videos.  Overall she passed her crown with grace and will be remember as a good Miss World, if not the best.

Stephanie Del Valle was a surprise winner.  She did not place in a single pre-final contest of the pageant!  Of course, the rules were different this year.  She has a good education background and comes across as a smart, pretty girl.  In the finals, she wore a gorgeous pink gown.  In the last round, she spoke well.  Her delivery was genuine and spontaneous.  She was confident and voluble.  She comes from the part of the world where pageants are popular and she seems to have got the air of how to deal with questions effectively.  We had imagine her win Miss Universe Puerto Rico or Miss USA with her personality.  Her winning reaction is one of the best in years.  Everyone was surprise to hear Puerto Rico instead of Philippines and so was she!  We see in her a fabulous young girl who will turn into a memorable Miss World.  We applaud Miss World Organization for their fresh choice and confidence in picking the one they feel is best!

For now, we say both the beauties are more or less on same level.  Of course, Stephanie has the whole year to prove us wrong and we won’t mind that too.

Image: Facebook pages of both beauties