[Only for Adults] Miss Universe Australia 2016 goes semi-nude!!!

Miss Universe Australia 2016- Caris Tiivel

Topless pictures of Miss Universe Australia 2016- Caris Tiivel are circulating across the net. This is not the first time a beauty queen has gone semi-nude. We had winners like Vanessa Williams, Alicia Machado,  Olivia Jordan, Olivia Culpo, Edymar Martinez etc who went half nude. However, in previous days, the winners used to get dethroned because of such pictures but time has changed and people have started appreciating the art of photography than only seeing those picture as an object of sex. Moreover she is going to Miss Universe, which is considered as one of the most broad minded pageant organisation. In fact, in Miss Universe 2010, few girls went topless for a photo shoot.

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The director of Miss Universe Australia, Troy Barbagallo, mentioned that he was aware of the pictures and he didn’t consider them as vulgarity because this magazine was different than men’s magazine. These pictures were in a tasteful manner. He also said that partial nudity is not a big deal so Caris Tiivel was allowed to retain the title.

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Picture Credits: Ohfree


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