Miss World 2016: 7 Goddesses of Beauty

When you see a Beauty that a human capacity can’t describe, we pageant aficionados call her ‘Goddess’. The term ‘Goddess of Beauty’ represents the sheer perfection; The perfection in facial features of a girl that brings the harmony in the eyes of an observer. Miss World 2016 season kick started with a bang and pageant fans all across the world are busy making predictions about who will finally conquer the crown. Meanwhile, our team could list out 7 girls who fits perfectly in the mould a goddess. When we say goddess, it represents just the charm of face and has no influence of personality or attitude. The list of girls doesn’t reflect our prediction for Miss World 2016, but only the over all facial symmetry that is admired at any pageant. The girls possessing the most acceptable universal likeliness could make it to our Top 7.  Let’s have a look who are they (in Alphabetical Order).

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Miss Denmark: Helena Heuser

Miss Denmark: Helena Heuser

Many say that Miss Denmark is the face of the pageant, and we can’t deny that fact. Her symmetrical features and mesmerising smile will easily rob your heart. And don’t even get us started on her eyes, because we can do on and on. Those are one of the most beautiful pair of eye that we have seen after Aishwarya Rai.

Miss France: Morgane Edvige

Miss France: Morgane Edvige

France is the black barbie of Miss World 2016. When she was appointed as the representative for France, many doubted her potential, but she shut the mouth of her naysayers by turning out to be one of the most beautiful delegates during the arrivals. Her smile is infectious and that’s one point which can attract the attention of any observer. Her skin tone is to die for and we are sure Miss World will definitely recognise this girl’s potential as much as we do.

Miss Mongolia: Bayartsetseg Altangerel

Miss Mongolia: Bayartsetseg Altangerel

What could be the sweetest surprise than seeing Bayarsetseg representing Mongolia at Miss World pageant? When we saw her at Miss Earth 2015, we always thought she was made some for some bigger recognition and here she is. The lovely oriental features of Mongolia sets her apart in the contest and make us say ‘Asian goddess’ the moment we see her. This girl is destined to go far in the competition.

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Miss Philippines: Catriona Gray

Miss Philippines: Catriona Gray

Catriona’s beauty is flawless, we sometime feel jealous of her glowing radiant skin. This girl has such a great presence that we won’t shy away in saying that she is even better than Megan Young in overall aspect. She has to be one of the most beautiful queen from Philippines of the decade. Her beauty will keep you intrigued for hours and still you won’t get bored we bet. A strong crown contender this year.

Miss Puerto Rico: Stephanie De Valle

Miss Puerto Rico: Stephanie De Valle

Stephanie was pre-arrival favourite for many and many had her as the probable winner of the title Miss World 2016. Stephanie has something so pleasing about her that it will keep you engaged around her. She has that aura that keeps radiating even when she isn’t trying. It’s high time that Puerto Rico needs to win the crown and Stephanie is the perfect ambassador for that.

Miss Russia: Yana Dobrovolskaya

Miss Russia: Yana Dobrovolskaya

Yana has such a pleasant face to look at. Wait, in fact all the Miss Russia are always the one of the prettiest faces in the contest ;). Last year Russia finished as 1st runner-up and we feel Yana is better than last year’s representative so we are very curious to know how will Yana place this year. She has been impressing us since the day-1 of her arrival and she is still on our radar of hot favourites.

Miss Ukraine: Oleksandra Kucherenko

 Miss Ukraine: Oleksandra Kucherenko

Oleksandra is like a dream girl of the pageant. What a girl we must say <3 Generally most Miss Ukraine are sweet looking and shy but Oleksandra is an exception. This girl is outgoing, she is tall, she is lean and she is captivating. Have you seen her Talent video? Well, you must. You will realise how much of a potential this girl has. We so wish that this girl reaches at least Top 5 to get the recognition she deserves.


Picture Credits: Facebook page of Contestants.