The Walcott sisters: Stars of Trini pageantry

Indians know about the famous Kapoor clan in Bollywood which is reigning the silver screen since decades now. Americans know about the Fonda family in the Hollywood. Business world can boost of many such families like the Ambanis in India or the Waltons in the United States of America. But to have something like this in pageantry is rare! The Walcotts in Trinidad and Tobago can boost of this rare legacy.

The Walcott sisters: Magdalene, Gabrielle, Daniella
The Walcott sisters: Magdalene, Gabrielle, Daniella

It begun with Magdalene Walcott who represented the country at Miss World 2003. She was a Top 20 finalist. Then she represented the country at Miss Universe 2005. She was popular among the fans and her placement in the Top 15 was not a surprise. She presented herself in an orange gown in Top 15 round and failed to make the Top 10 cut.  Now she is Financial Controller at Caribbean Financial Action Task Force.

It didn’t take many years for another Walcott to come and rock international pageantry.  Magdalene’s first cousin Gabrielle Walcott represented Trinidad and Tobago at Miss World 2008. She won Miss World Carribean and the prestigious “Beauty with a purpose” title for working with the Just Because Foundation dedicated to create hospitable conditions for children with cancer and helping raise $100,000 in charity for the creation of a new ward for these children. She placed in all fast-track events and ended up finishing third to Russia’s Ksenia Sukhinova. Gabrielle participated in Miss Universe 2011 as Miss Trinidad and Tobago. She was a popular contestant, after all she was the 2nd runner-up at Miss World. Unfortunately she did not make the first cut in the finals.  Now she is a known actress in her country.

It took a good amount of time for Walcotts to again shine in pageantry. But it finally did happen in 2016 when Daniella Walcott won Miss World Trinidad and Tobago title. Right now she is representing the island nation at Miss World 2016 and is considered to be one of the major favorites to clinch the title! And why not, she has been training for Miss World pageant since 13 years. Miss World 1986 Giselle Laronde, the one who defeated Hollywood Diva Halle Berry, is her mentor.

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As mentioned already, all the three Walcott queens are first cousins. We can only wonder if they have one more cousin who will soon come up to rock international pageantry like these three!