Miss Earth India 2016: The other side of the story

After facing backlash from contestants and and their relatives regarding ‘Unfair method of Crowning’, Pradeep Maithani came forward today morning on Social media for giving the clarity on the matter. Here is what he posted on his FB account.

Miss Earth India 2016 Controversy

There are few important question that arises in our mind:

  1. Why did the other organisation didn’t approach them Pradeep before hand?
  2. In case, they approached, how come it wasn’t taken with seriousness?
  3. If picking Rashi directly wasn’t fair, will picking winner on the basis of votings from contestant be fair to girls? As most probably, the girl who is most friendly has better chances of winning? In fact, this is a dicey situation where picking girl with fairness isn’t possible until and unless the finale is done once again.
  4. It is said that Miss Earth organisation was registered trademark based at Bangalore, who sent the cops to stop the event Miss Earth India 2016. Why the organisation is not visible in ground activities?
  5. It is said that contestants might file a lawsuit against Miss Earth India Organisation, but can they be prosecuted? Because organisation never mentioned on what format they will select the winner. And generally pageant contracts have a clause stating that organisation is not responsible for the non occurrence of the event. If this is the case here, MEI org shall get indemnify against the allegation. Will this happen though?

We really can understand the condition of the organisers right now, because this wasn’t an intentional. The question was only about declaring the winner directly without the competition but Rashi Yadav no more is the winner as of now. So we believe that should resolve that accusation as of now. Let us see what decision organisation takes upon selecting the new winner.