Pageant Tutorials: For aspiring Beauty Queens

Pageant Tutorials

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Self train yourself for Pageants and get groomed to be the next beauty queen of your time, without paying bomb amount to high class pageant institutions. These Pageant Tutorials are designed keeping in mind the aspirants. Click on each point to read in detail.

  1. How to handle Social Media accounts effectively?
  2. How to BE YOURSELF in Pageants?
  3. 5 Things You should never do at Pageants: Part-1
  4. 5 Things You should never do at Pageants: Part-2
  5. How to Manage Finance when you are preparing for pageants?
  6. Benefits of Strength Training for Women
  7. How to manage Calories effectively?
  8. 5 Dieting Mistakes to Avoid for staying Healthy
  9. How to lose weight and be Fit?
  10. Don’t sweat in extreme to reduce fat.
  11. How to manage food Intake during festivals?
  12. How to handle pressure when you are competing in a Pageant?
  13. How to prepare for Miss Universe?

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Note: These tutorials are consolidated by taking opinion from various pageant followers and experts, there is no hard and fast rule to validate these. Hence, follow them at your own discretion.

Credits: Members of ‘The Great Pageant Community’ Facebook Group.