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Olivia Jordan thinks having NUDE scene is not a big deal..!!!

Olivia Jordan talks on issues like Nude scenes, Trump

Olivia Jordan

Miss USA 2015 ~ Olivia Jordan of Oklohoma

Olivia Jordan was crowned Miss USA 2015 recently and has been receiving strong positive reviews for her performance in the finals.  Her answers in the interview rounds were very strong and she proves through her post-pageant interviews that she is actually a well-spoken woman; her interviews were not a rehearsed act.

Olivia Jordan on Nude Scenes

Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan gave a nude scene in “Murder in the First”

Olivia Jordan has been a part of movies and television shows before her Miss USA stint.  Not only that, in one of her shows, she has given a nude scene.  In the scene, she is seen wearing only a bra.  As per reports, the contract that Miss USA pageant makes the delegates sign prohibits these things.  When asked about this, Olivia Jordan reportedly said that she had shared these information with the organization beforehand.  The nude scene was part of acting and she has no regrets about it.  She added that at times nudity is necessary to tell a story.  She said that the lack of outcry over her nude video was a “step toward openness” and that we are in a time where we empower women.  She said that she celebrates female body and that it’s a positive thing.  She believes people should be accepted and society should be more understanding about what is real, what is real life.

On Recent Controversy Due Remarks by Donald Trump on Mexico

Olivia Jordan indirectly defended Donald Trump in the matter by saying that we have freedom of speech in the country and it is a beautiful thing.  She further added that freedom of speech enables people to draw attention to important issues and illegal immigration is one of them.  She said that the Miss Universe organization celebrates diversity which was clear in the finals (since girls from different backgrounds were a part of the show) and that she looks forward to be a part of the brand.  She expressed her strong interest in working forward to spread message of love, diversity and acceptance.

Credits: Inquisitr, Business Insider, Miss USA Facebook page

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