Miss India 2015: Top 10 Stunners from Swimsuit Photohoot

Miss India 2015: Top 10 of Swimsuits

Femina Miss India 2015 shall concluded within a week, meanwhile our expert team is busy finalising the list for the final hotpicks. Recently we came up with Best in Glamshot and now we asked few of our expert panel judges to give out a list of stunners who nailed the swimsuit photoshoot.They came up with their top 10 as below. Remember, this judgement was done on the basis of girl’s body, the X-factor in the pic and overall impression and not just on the basis of body or face.

10) Aditi Arya:

 Miss India 2015
Aditi Arya

Aditi’s towering height and fair complexion with cute face cut makes her an immediate eye grabber. This tall diva will surely standout in finale as well. However, she might have to focus more on body structure should she be the Miss India 2015.

9) Aafreen Vaz: 

 Miss India 2015
Aafreen Vaz

Aafreen seems to be one of the crowd favorites lately. Her body fame is perfect for international arena and her personality seems to be very catchy. Pity that she is not eligible to win the main crown of Miss India 2015.

8) Rewati Chetri:

 Miss India 2015
Rewati Chetri

This stunner from north-east shall be a breathe of fresh air if she wins one of the crowns. Winning Miss India 2015 seems difficult for her but she could do a good runner up. Her body seems decent and her beauty could be noticed well at Miss International stage.

7) Rakshitha Harimurthy:

 Miss India 2015
Rakshitha Harimurthy

Rakshitha’s shoot screams ‘Class’. What a sophisticated delivery in the pic. She seems to be a dark horse at the moment but could do a ‘Prachi Mishra’ by winning one of the runner up titles.

6) Meghna Mittal:

 Miss India 2015
Meghna Mittal

Hot body, Hot complexion, Hot pose..!!! Sufficient to land her in top 6 of our list. Meghna is not hyped a lot at the moment, but lets wait and watch.

5) Diksha Singh:

 Miss India 2015
Diksha Singh

We never noticed this girl till the moment we saw her Swimsuit shoot. This girl has that oomph factor that can set stage on fire in swimsuit round. We are going to keep an eye on this for our final hotpicks.

4) Pranati Rai Prakash:

 Miss India 2015
Pranati Prakash

Pranati is the fresh most look of this year’s pageant. She is the kind of girl Julia would love to have at Miss World. Her innocent charm will definitely engage the judges and in our opinion she has bright chances of winning one of the crowns.

3) Sushrii Shreya Mishra:

 Miss India 2015
Sushrii Shreya Mishra

What a transformation..!!!

To us, she is simply the ‘Manasi Moghe’ of this pageant. The way she has transformed herself from I Am She 2012 to Miss Diva 2013 to Femina Miss India 2015, it’s unbelievable. She has brought in more maturity and more confidence. Definitely a top 5 contender.

2) Deeksha Kaushal:

 Miss India 2015
Deeksha Kaushal

The hottest talk of the town ‘Deeksha Kaushal’ nails the shoot here as well. She was 2nd in Close up shot listed by our experts and again stands 2nd here as well. Her face definitely screams Miss World in the making, however, there were concerns that she is not a great speaker. She can work it out if she is crowned Miss India 2015 coming 28th.

1) Apeksha Porwal:

 Miss India 2015
Apeksha Porwal

This girl just blew us away by her X-factor. We never thought that she will top our list, but here she is…!!! Apeksha’s delivery for the pic is impeccable and incomparable. Her body, her styling and her pose everything is just perfect. If there was a score for this round, Apeksha would win  it with a huge margin for sure.

Pic Courtesy: Femina Miss India 2015 Website.

Clothes by: Falguni and Shane Peacock

Styling by: Lakhani

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