Miss Universe 2014 ~ TGPC’s October Hotpicks


Miss Universe 2013~Maria Gabriela Isler's homecoming

Miss Universe 2013~Maria Gabriela Isler

Miss Universe 2013 ~Maria Gabriela Isler had her official homecoming this month during Miss Venezuela 2014 finale.  She will crown her successor in  January 2015, which makes her the only Miss Universe to have reigned for 3  years!

Also, Miss Universe 2014 will be held in 2015!  Well, honestly our first reaction was negative, but then we thought better late than never!  Also, the first halves of the year are boring.  They have no big pageant.  2015 would be an exception.  The most entertaining pageant in the world will be held in the first half! 🙂

We at TGPC often invite our fans to send us their views.  One of our beloved visitors Shobin Krishna from India has written to us about his predictions for Miss Universe.  He thinks USA is strong because this year’s Top 5 was really strong; a sandwich (95-96-97) may just happen with Nia winning this year’s Miss Universe edition after Olivia & Gabby. He thinks Philippines is strong because Paula Stugart visited the country and also the country gets some extra attention from MUO these days.  He feels India is strong because Mr. Donald Trump visited India this year and he may want a Miss India to do well this year.  He think India-Philippines-USA, one of these countries will win the pageant this year.  Very interesting views Shobin and thank you so  much for sharing with us! 🙂


These are our choices for the Miss Universe 2014 crown for now!

11 to 15



15. GREECE~Ismini Dafopoulou 

Time is right and the girl is right – Greece will be back this year on the Miss Universe map with this lean attractive beauty with a ridiculously flawless face!

14. GABON~Maggaly Nguema

Black Barbie!  She is so well-spoken – it is about time Gabon get it’s first placement at Miss Universe!

13. CZECH REPUBLIC~Gabriela Franková

Gabriela has the potential to walk away with the Miss Universe crown.  She is the real under-dog and her face is to die for!

12. LEBANON~Saly Greige

This sweet looking beauty can work on her body and she can definitely win a placement for her country this year!

11. BRAZIL~Melissa Gurgel

Bored! Bored! Bored!  Brazil is always in Top 5. 🙂  Melissa is stunning and can continue the streak – but let’s give chance to other countries.

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10. JAMAICA~Kaci Fennell

Kaci is very competitive and yet she is very sophisticated in terms of looks.  Jamaica has been out of the the Top 15 since 2010.  2015 may just be the year this streak of absence ends!

9. ECUADOR~Alejandra Argudo

Transformation of the year!  Alejandra was nowhere in any list when she won.  But she went to Venezuela and came out like a star.  She can do really well at Miss Universe!

8. UKRAINE~ Ana Andres

Ukraine is the country sending best girls in recent years.  Ana is no exception.  Her physical beauty is intense.  She needs to cut out on the “duck lips” thing and channelise the inner beauty.  She can bring Europe a Miss Universe crown after almost 2 decades!

7. MEXICO~Josselyn Garciglia

2013 was disastrous for Mexico but this year they have learnt the lesson.  The beauties of this country are really strong this year.  Joselyn is definitely among the most competitive beauties!

6. Curaçao ~Laurien Angelista

Laurien is one of the best black beauties this year.  The country is often ignored but Laurien may just be too strong to be neglected.


5. SERBIA~Andjelka Tomasevic

Andjelka is a pageant veteran.  She is a sure-shot in Top 15 in our opinion.  We pray she makes it to the Top 5!  She is perfect in terms of beauty and package.  She was TGPC’s face of the year in 2013. 🙂

4. COSTA RICA~Karina Ramos

Karina is very experienced and seems to have all the ingredients for doing well in Miss Universe.


Yulia is like a Miss Universe prototype.  The organization would adore her – she can be a great winner.


All the bridemaids, never the bride!!!  Will Paulina suffer the same fate as numerous Miss Colombia winners who finished second in their respective years?  The country has just 1 crown and so many first runner-up titles!!  Will Paulina be the 2nd Miss Universe of the country?

1. USA~ Nia Sanchez

Nia is our hot favorite for the crown.  She is recently engaged, but she has all the chops to perform deliciously in Miss Universe.  Her smile will just make it up for her “not really tall” frame.  She is just gorgeous!


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Let us see who wins this year’s edition… !!