Know the Admins of The Great Pageant Community…!!!

Hola Amigos..!!!

Here I strike again with some news. It’s been almost 8 months now since we started our blog of ‘The Great Pageant Community’ for fun. However, the instant growth and beautiful fan following led us to give out the best and be a potential leader of the market 2 years down the line. It’s glad to see a rush of more than 200000 people across the globe every month and growing further.

TGPC People's Choice Award
The Great Pageant Community

Well, the main reason I am writing this letter today is that in recent weeks, we have received many queries from our member that they want to know more about us and who are the people working behind the Community. But, while we made our debut, we decided that we shall do our work anonymously so that our work speaks and not the names, however we also made a pact that we shall reveal our identities the day our FB community reaches 1.5 Lac members. However, We don’t want to disappoint our members, hence we thought of revealing ourselves partially (Yes, No names please.. 😛 )

We are basically 3 Main heads, put up at 3 different corners of India, handling the blog, facebook, twitter and other social Media on behalf og The Great Pageant Community (TGPC). Lets name them as TGPC A, TGPC B, TGPC C. The rest of the story about each of them unfolds as you read further:

1) TGPC A,

Designation: Quality Head

TGPC A: Extremely PositiveAttitude
TGPC A: Extremely Positive Attitude

He is also the Father of  ‘The Great Community Pageant’ Facebook Page. TGPC A looks after the quality of posts and is very strict on them, we must say. He believes rather not post than posting something for name sake. However, he is also one of the most positive persons you would ever see, if you meet him someday. His this positive attitude has helped our community develop this well over the period. We sometime pull his legs by calling him Mother Teresa as he is very kind hearted and all. If you are reading some post which is full of concentration on positive aspects, health related or detailed in depth analysis on pageants, you can bank on TGPC A without even giving a thought. We always look up to the posts by him. All our guest posts are routed through him and once his approval is received, you see them on blog. Btw, he is the one who led the game of ‘The Ultimate Genius Challange: Season-1″.

2) TGPC B,

Designation: Graphic Lead and Promotions

TGPC B: Well versed with Graphics
TGPC B: Well versed with Graphics

TGPC B is the most hard working guy in our team. His basic responsibilities comprises of posting all the pageant results and fashion updates. You wonder who is posting all those New York Fashion pics and Lakme Pics?? Well, Go for TGPC B. He is also responsible for providing us with his wonderful graphics in hotpicks, and regular posts. He started as a laymen and today we see his graphic quality as one of the most creative graphics. One things we must appreciate is he dedicates the highest amount of time to the blog and has handled FB and twitter single- handedly at many points.

3) TGPC C:

Designation: Marketing lead and Tie ups

TGPC C: Opportunist in every situation
TGPC C: Opportunist in every situation

That’s me 😉 . I am the founder of The Great Pageant Community blog. I am also the bad(est) ass on this page and very notorious at times. If you are reading some post with lots of punches or live conversation, then you are probably reading me (oh you guessed it??). My core responsibilities comprises of marketing of our brand and do tie ups for promotions of the pageants. I creates all the voting polls and promotional ads on the page. All I see is an opportunity to grab in any situation. How do I get more public? How do I get more rush? My team sometime makes fun of me by calling me ‘Opportunist in every scene’.

Not to mention our beloved community members without whom we don’t exist. We do care about them and always keep on coming with an idea of keeping them engaged with one or the other things to keep them entertained. Note that we generally make all our conversation through TGPC Admin on Facebook or by emails.

I would like to take an opportunity to declare our vision on behalf of my team.

Our Vision: To be the leader of the segment of ‘Beauty Pageant and Fashion Arena’ 5 years down the line. Remember, the day we reach 1.5 lac, we shall officially launch our team and be more accessible to our members.