Exclusive: TGPC’s Second Hot-Picks | Femina Miss India 2014 Coverage

This year the competition in Femina Miss India is stronger than biceps of the top body-builders.  That’s funny, particularly because we say this almost every year :)  But really, this is one really competitive bunch and Femina team has done a spectacular job is getting their act together – activities, training and all.  Lots of new stuff is happening and we are totally loving it!

Last time we presented our choices with “Miss World perspective” & you guys loved it! Thanks :)  This time we are shining the spotlights on the USP’s of each of the girls in the Top 10 – our sweet attempt to cherish them and help them appreciate this wonderful phase of their lives.

So here we begin with our Experts’ Choice Top 10…

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Top 25 contetestants of Miss India 2014 in group Swimsuit photoshoot

FMI’14: TGPC’s Top 15 in Swimsuit revealed

Top 25 contetestants of Miss India 2014 in group Swimsuit photoshoot

Top 25 contestants of Miss India 2014 in group Swimsuit photo shoot

The swimsuit pics of the contestants of Fbb Femina Miss India are revealed. It would not be wrong if we say that these pictures have been the best photoshoot of swimsuit ever in the history of Femina Miss India. They utilised varied theme and concepts to explore the potentials of the girls. What we liked about this years contest is that non of the girl is having out of proportion body, Most of them are quite good and rest needs little tonning but overall quite a workable batch. One of the strongest after 2006 again. Although, all 25 girls have been stunning in their own way, our expert were allowed to pick ONLY 15 girls so as to create their own reviews. The choice could be subjective in selection but were objective in evaluation as it’s a combined score.

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TGPC First Impressions

EXCLUSIVE: TGPC First Impressions | Femina Miss India 2014 Coverage

Our message box is flooded with queries about what the favourites of our experts in the ongoing Miss India pageant.  Finally now that a fair amount of information is available about the girls, our experts went through the challenging task of picking out their favourites.  After a lot of analysis, finally we have a list of girls who we think are the ones to watch out for this season.  Please note that the contest has just started and a lot can change in the coming days.

For fun, we have decided to highlight the strengths that we have observed in these girls.  Also, we will be presenting a “Miss World Perspective” on each girlBy “Miss World Perspective”, we mean our expectation from the girl at the Miss World pageant based on what we have seen by far.

Please note that how a girl performs at Miss World is dependent a lot of factors and that include the quality of competition she is facing.  So accurately predicting how a girl will fair at Miss World is not at all possible.

Yet, we see no harm is using our imaginations and expertise in making some fairly justifiable guesses.  We are particularly keen on how the girls can fare at the challenger events – especially Beach Beauty and Top Model, because the winners in recent years ave mostly done very well in these two events.  Again, all this is just based on what is known now and can change, and frankly will change as we see and know the girls more.

It’s all for fun and a lot will be changing in the coming days, as the girls find their footings, know more about their preferences, makes more decisions and things evolve.  Lot of fun awaits them and also us! Continue reading


Voting for TGPC’s Peoples Choice for Fbb Femina Miss India 2014 starts…!!!

Top 25 finalists of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014

Top 25 finalists of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014


Femina Miss India 2014 is at its peak where 25 most beautiful girls of India are competing to win the 3 most coveted crown of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014. The winners shall get a once in a lifetime chance to represent India at international pageants like Miss World 2014, Miss Earth 2014 and Miss Supranational 2014. There are lost of creative changes that has taken place in Femina Miss India this year and is full of excitements, especially the move of Femina to conduct a Multimedia award which helps fans to follow their favourite very closely through the social medias.

There is that one contestant that steals our hearts and make us believe that “she is the one” because of her beauty and charm. For some, she may be the only reason why they follow that pageant! When she wins, everyone is happy and rejoices with her. In some instances however, she may not be the organization’s choice as their queen but still, we have a chance to give honor to her by voting for her in this poll! So who is your favorite to win the crown and the title of Miss India? Who is that candidate that has cemented her place in your heart? Here we present the TGPC’s People’s Choice Voting for Fbb Femina Miss India 2014. The winner of the poll will get a custom-made trophy from our team and a chance to feature on our website for various coverages and interviews. You can vote for your favourite as many times you want and can vote multiple favourites as well. Kep voting your favourite to make her win TGPC People’s Choice Award.Voting lines will last till 4th April’14 midnight. Finale will be held in Mumbai on 5th April’14


( Note: To all those who are suffering from Cooling off period, this can happen for two reasons 1) You are voting too fast which is considered is bot spam and hence you get blocked for some time. So once you vote, refresh the page and then vote. Don’t vote in multiple tabs. This may result into spam. 2) Too many people voting in one click which results into jamming of website, so please allow sometime for website to restore.)



Pic Courtesy: Femina Miss India Website and FB page (Links: http://beautypageants.indiatimes.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/feminamissindia)



Who is your favorite among the contestants that got a direct entry to FBB Femina Miss India 2014 ?


While Koyal is fair and glowing, Aditi is confident.  Sonal has a mesmerizing face, where as Jantee is an exotic beauty.  Arissa is well-rounded and a good addition to the finalists’ list.  Who among these princesses is your favorite?

Photo Credit: Femina Miss India Facebook Page