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Voting for TGPC’s Peoples Choice for Fbb Femina Miss India 2014 starts…!!!

Top 25 finalists of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014

Top 25 finalists of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014


Femina Miss India 2014 is at its peak where 25 most beautiful girls of India are competing to win the 3 most coveted crown of Fbb Femina Miss India 2014. The winners shall get a once in a lifetime chance to represent India at international pageants like Miss World 2014, Miss Earth 2014 and Miss Supranational 2014. There are lost of creative changes that has taken place in Femina Miss India this year and is full of excitements, especially the move of Femina to conduct a Multimedia award which helps fans to follow their favourite very closely through the social medias.

There is that one contestant that steals our hearts and make us believe that “she is the one” because of her beauty and charm. For some, she may be the only reason why they follow that pageant! When she wins, everyone is happy and rejoices with her. In some instances however, she may not be the organization’s choice as their queen but still, we have a chance to give honor to her by voting for her in this poll! So who is your favorite to win the crown and the title of Miss India? Who is that candidate that has cemented her place in your heart? Here we present the TGPC’s People’s Choice Voting for Fbb Femina Miss India 2014. The winner of the poll will get a custom-made trophy from our team and a chance to feature on our website for various coverages and interviews. You can vote for your favourite as many times you want and can vote multiple favourites as well. Kep voting your favourite to make her win TGPC People’s Choice Award.Voting lines will last till 4th April’14 midnight. Finale will be held in Mumbai on 5th April’14


( Note: To all those who are suffering from Cooling off period, this can happen for two reasons 1) You are voting too fast which is considered is bot spam and hence you get blocked for some time. So once you vote, refresh the page and then vote. Don’t vote in multiple tabs. This may result into spam. 2) Too many people voting in one click which results into jamming of website, so please allow sometime for website to restore.)



Pic Courtesy: Femina Miss India Website and FB page (Links: http://beautypageants.indiatimes.com/ & https://www.facebook.com/feminamissindia)



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  1. Bikash

    Winners announced: Koyal Rana (winner), Jhataleka (1st runner up) & Gail Nicole da Silva (2nd runner up)

  2. sanjay

    Best of luck.malti

  3. Paolo

    Fake votes 4 El Salvador!!!

  4. lions

    Yoshiki yoshiki yoshiki is winner with 7.5 lacs plus votes

  5. jaswant

    All the best yoshika

  6. jaswant

    Yoshiki all the best dear. Hum logon ne din raat continuously apke liye vote kiya. Mere pure college ne tumhare liye vote kiya hai. Humara ip address bht baar freeze bhi hua kyuki votes bht zada aa rahe the apko pura india se lekin phir bhi aap haari nahi apko har taraf se votes milte rahe.

  7. royal jaat khapra

    sister malati humare liye aap he winner ho chahe result kch ho

  8. royal jaat

    dhang me bol oye jgga kade kisi akkad me ho tne ghante ka gyaan h humne bera h sb fix tha jo site te vaar baar block hove the un eh ne bera h… aakkd kise or aagwy dikhaiye ya

  9. malleshwaram club

    deserving candidate

  10. malleshwaram club


  11. Sid

    all the best Yoshiki …you nailed it !

  12. Tash

    Nailed it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ……………Yoshiki Yoshiki Yoshiki

  13. Rajveer singh

    yoshikiiiiii yoshiki !!!

  14. Jagga Jatt

    Mind your language mr. who so ever you are. if you dont have any knowledge about computers then better you shut and think millions of time before raising finger towards TGPC website or anyone. having patience is always a key to get better alternative ideas in mind and success.

  15. Jeevan Fgs

    got it

  16. Jagga Jatt

    buuurraaaaaaahhhhhhhhh………..chak te phatte punjabia ne………
    Yoshiki whole Punjab is with you girl.. we are proud of you.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  17. Carolina

    You are awesome Yoshiki. My multi-talented friend and you deserve Crown.

  18. Harj

    Yoshiki.. The Most talented girl. You deserve to win. we are with you. Love from North America and Europe (Y) :))

  19. Kamal

    50 of my friends voted continuously Yosh! You are going to win!

  20. Tash

    Yoshiki ……….best of luck and give your best …….we support you from all around the globe …..

  21. BNL

    good luck yoshiki!

  22. BNL

    good luck yosh!

  23. Kamal

    Good luck Yoshiki !

  24. Kamal

    All of our friends from all around the world, are voting for Yosh. Good luck!

  25. Kamal

    Don’t you think If you are voting for Malati, there are other people as well who are voting for others?

  26. Kamal

    Don’t worry Yoshiki, we all are voting continuously for many days, no sleep, just voting.



  28. udayveer chahar

    malati sis hum vote lagatar kar rhe hai par pata nhi kaha ja rhe hai,par aap chinta mat karna aap hi jitogi


    I WISH……. U WIN
    GRT JOB;)

  30. udayveer chahar

    malati chahar will become the next miss india 2014 surely.best of luck my sis

  31. rambabu choudhary


  32. tash

    Yoshiki…..You are the best …….we all support you

  33. vikas khapra

    Fixed contest saali raat se site block kar rakhi h kitne rupey me maney yoshiki ko jitvane me……….dont wry sister malati aap zindagi me bhot kamyabi paogi vo b apni mehnat ki inki jaisi kharidi hui nee





  36. NEELAM


  37. udayveer chahar

    best of luck sister by udayveer chahar



  39. rohit kushwaha

    looking gud dear


    best of luck for ur bright future
    i have vote u more than 200+ times

  41. rohit kushwaha

    u r the winnr malti chahar

  42. rohit kushwaha

    hey don,t wrrryyyy we r voteing for u ……………….. gud luck rock tha stage

  43. rohit kushwaha

    gud luck 2 u
    lookig so cute malti chahar

  44. rohit kushwaha

    best of luck malti chahar

  45. thegreatpageantcommunity

    Hello Vikas,
    We found the reason..
    ( Note: To all those who are suffering from Cooling off period, this can happen for two reasons 1) You are voting too fast which is considered is bot spam and hence you get blocked for some time. So once you vote, refresh the page and then vote. Don’t vote in multiple tabs. This may result into spam. 2) Too many people voting in one click which results into jamming of website, so please allow sometime for website to restore.)

  46. vikas khapra

    Ab toh m dusri jagah pe hu kal bhej dunga

  47. thegreatpageantcommunity

    Can u please send us a screen shot?? Let us see what exactly the problem is..!!!

  48. vikas khapra

    Maine dusre pc se b try kiya vaha se toh koi vote b nee ki thi fir b block thi voting is se saaf pata chalta h ki sab fixed h

  49. thegreatpageantcommunity

    Can u try from some other system..??
    Blocking option is nt at all in our hand..!!!
    There must be some technical issue at ur end..!!

  50. vikas khapra

    Sab try kiya fir b nee hua

  51. thegreatpageantcommunity

    The reason for blocking voting site is with cookies we guess..!! Technical issues..!!

    Try to erase history and then vote.!! it will work..!!! πŸ™‚
    All the best…

  52. vikas khapra

    fixed contest hmari voting site baar baar block kar re h bharast bharat ….best of luck sister malati……saala yha b sab bikta h….

  53. rambabu choudhary

    best of luck malti—beti

  54. Ashok Godara

    Aap jito

  55. rahul varshney

    Best of luck malati

  56. Ajay

    All the best malati di

  57. gaurav

    malti chahar

  58. yogi

    good luck Malati …



  60. kshama choudhary

    my dear malti deedi—best of luck

  61. Papaai kayal

    best of luck……malati chahar

  62. Manoj Sheokand

    Yes, we will win keep it up all the best

  63. Ajay Malik

    Bhurrraaaaaaa …



  65. Manoj Sheokand

    Good job Sanjay keep it up.

  66. sanjay

    my dear sister we are voting for you don’t wrrrrrrryyyyy……..Best of luck…

  67. Lokesh (Dhuaan)

    Good luck dear.. All Dhuaan community supports you .

  68. Rao Sanjayadav

    Malti dear aap hi jitogi, dnt worry ….

  69. pankaj choudhary

    my dear sister we are voting for you don’t wrrryyyy………………….BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!

  70. kshama choudhary

    best of luck—-malti

  71. kshama choudhary

    best of luck—-deedi

  72. shailender singh gehlot

    GD luck malti

  73. anju giri

    All the best malati… crown is ur only

  74. raoraosahab

    all the best

  75. Rao Sanjayadav

    U r the winner malti

  76. manoj sharma

    Good luck Malti chahar

  77. Ashutosh Srivastava

    Best of Luck Malati Chahar……

  78. Babita Singh

    All the best. You can and you will do it. Hari uncle and Babita aunty.

  79. arvinder kang

    All the best yashiki sindhar

  80. Nandini Kalra

    Medhini Ignoor deserves it for sure!

  81. Sumit Kharb

    You are Realy Desrv 4 ths aLL d bestttttttt…

  82. ashish sharma

    all the best malati (meenu)…

  83. Dhananjay Kumar

    Malati Chahar is upcoming miss india. Best of luck Malati Chahar

  84. Urvashi kumari

    All the vry best malati…u wil win the crown baby…

  85. jpraghav

    All the best no wrrrrryyy.. True beautiful malati you will win

  86. Tash

    Yoshiki is soo talented…………truly the right choice for crown……

  87. Vikas dhayal

    Malathi Cahar you deserves miss INDIA..all the best sister!

  88. Vinayak Bhatt

    Medhini Igoor Will Win for Sure..
    Good Luck and God Bless

  89. Megha Borde

    All the best MEDHINI IGOOR.

  90. Jatinder

    Best of luck….yoshiki…you will win

  91. Bhupider singh khabra

    Yoshiki-all the best

  92. Bhupider singh khabra

    Yoshiki u will win -all the nest

  93. shivkumar chahar

    Kyu ve teri koi bahan ni h

  94. bhonga

    Malti maal hai.Best of luck Malti

  95. mental

    I m mental rajesh malti u r so sexy

  96. Manoj Sheokand


  97. Deeksha chahar

    Suparb looking han….!Best of luck malti chahar

  98. ashok kumar bhadauriya

    best of luck all the best

  99. brijendra singh

    best of luck

  100. akash deep sharma

    best of luck

  101. devendra singh

    devendra singh
    wish u all the best

  102. Manoj Sheokand

    Malati Chahar “Best of luck” for 1111111111111111111

  103. shivkumar chahar

    Best personality may win nd malati chahar is the best.All the best

  104. Pravesh chaudhary from deori

    best of luck.
    take care….
    my village person so happy and bless u…..

  105. Sulabh Gupta

    All the best Malati. Keep it up

  106. Daksh

    malti will win

  107. Pravesh chaudhary from deori

    best of luck. malti chahar….

  108. himanshu

    malati chahar will be the upcoming miss india…….
    best of luck malati

  109. suryakant Arya

    Best of luck

  110. soni dixit

    Rock the world malati ..u deserve this crown. All the best.

  111. Aryan verma

    Best of luck Malati

  112. Gurvinder Singh

    AMARJOT KAUR ….. go go go !!!

  113. Ramesh Shiwani

    Weldone’keep it up

  114. gajendra singh

    Malati chaher we vote 4 u

  115. gajendra singh

    Malati chaher v vote 4 u dnt wrryyy

  116. ganesh

    all the best medhini

  117. Rishav kundra

    Malati chahar is win this session femima miss india 2014.

  118. tiku

    medhini igoor is beauty and brain she is the “BEST”

  119. krishna kaushik

    malati keep it up

  120. Jatinder

    Yoshiki…..keep rocking all the best

  121. Arjun Singh

    i vote only regularly malti chahar ,,,,,best of luck malti,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  122. Sameer

    Oh Lala,look at manasi grewal,she is so hot.Winner for sure!

  123. satendra chahar

    Dear angel u deserve da miss india crown so win it

  124. Chetan Verma

    Yoshiki u r best. keep rocking!

  125. savita

    my vote for medhini igoor

  126. Gitartha Kalita

    Assam rockz…guyss hurry up..Vote for Jantee Hazarika..My vote goes to Jantee…U have to win Jantee…..

  127. Neha singh

    I vote for Malti Chahar…..Gooooooood Luckkkkkk

  128. Neha singh

    well done Malti Chahar ….good going…keep it up….u will surely win
    we love u …. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  129. Pooja

    Medhini igoor

  130. Bhupider singh khabra

    Go yoshiki go

  131. Hemanth Rawal

    medhini igoor is beautifull..

  132. Neha Pachori

    all the best maalti chahar. gud luck..!

  133. swati sinha

    All d very best yoshiki sindhar..I c u as winner olready..so go win d crown… πŸ™‚

  134. Varun Bansal

    Manasi Grewal Is The Best!She Is The Strongest Contender for Miss India & Has The Best Face Out Of The Lot.

  135. Shubham

    Good luck… malati chahar.
    Hope you win it….!!!!

  136. yaman vashistha

    are me bhi kar raha hu subha se bhai log agra ke liye malati ko jitana hai

  137. Sudha

    thank uuuu… please keep informing others also

  138. yogendra pal singh

    my vote goes to malati chahar

  139. Shweta

    I vote for Medhini Igoor…keep rocking…Gud Luck…:)

  140. shivanand maurya

    malti chahar…best one…………


    my vote for malti chahar

  142. Avnish Kumar Mathur

    my vote for malti

  143. Arvind Verman

    AAJ KE 18/20 KAR DIYE

  144. Arvind Verman

    malati chahar main umeh daily 10 voat karunga,,,tumari jeet hamare city ki jeet hogi ,,,or apne friend ko bhi kahunga TUMEHE VOAT KARNE KE LIYE

  145. Arvind Verman

    my voat only 4 malti chahar,,cause is malti from love city agra,,,i m also from agra

  146. randhawasingh

    My vote goes to koyal rana . all the best

  147. thanmayi

    my vote goes to medhini.igoor

  148. Hari Krishna

    I vote for Medhini Igoor…All the best..

  149. Pooja

    Medhini Igoor all the way!!!!!

  150. Praveena

    My full family vote goes to Medhini πŸ™‚
    ALL the best !!!

  151. Kuldeep Singh


  152. Shwetha Bikkodu

    my vote goes to Medhini Igoor, All the best gurl πŸ™‚

  153. kavita puspwan

    My vote goes to malati chahar.

  154. Nirdosh kumar

    My vote goes to malati chahar .
    Best of luck dear…

  155. Anand

    My vote goes to Medhini igoor

  156. anju giri

    My vote goes to malati chahar… all the best malati .. balance of beauty with brain malati only

  157. Mallegowda M

    Medhini Igoor’s only

  158. Girish

    I vote for Medhini.

  159. jayachristiyan

    My vote goes to Medhini Igoor

  160. Arunabh

    Jantee Hazarika ….rockxx

  161. Saritha Challagali

    I vote for Medhini Igoor…All the best..

  162. sairam

    Medhini Igoor’s the BOMB!!

  163. Jupinder Bajwa

    Good luck Yoshiki. You’re going to win definitely!!!

  164. Appasaheb Patil

    Rock on Medhini πŸ™‚

  165. Divya Mohan

    Medhini perfectly strikes the balance of beauty and brains !

  166. Babita Rakesh

    My vote goes to Medhini Igoor

  167. Jaydev

    I think Medhini Igoor’s got all the requirements plus more!!

  168. reema

    koyal is the best, I think there is lot of fake voting

  169. Bhupider singh khabra

    My vote goes to yoshiki

  170. Bhupinder khabra

    My vote goes to yoshiki-all the best

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  172. sanjeev khichar

    aditit vats and aditi vats only

  173. sanjeev khichar


  174. Harpreet Sibia

    Beautiful and poised ….Yoshki!

  175. srishti bhansali

    my vote goes to aditi vats

  176. Sahnya Sanju

    Medhini is hawt and beautiful.

  177. vinay bellur

    Medhini, you definitely deserve to win. Come home with the crown!
    All the very best!

  178. Jyotshna Kashibhatla

    All the best bhanu…..u are the best

  179. ijeoma

    Manasi grewal Will WIN!!
    May God be with her!!!

  180. kiran mythri

    Yoshiki sindhar is gonna be an miss femina…..

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  182. Ekta Gill

    Go Yoshiki, best of luck!

  183. Jatinder

    Yoshiki Sindhar…. You will most definitely win, without a doubt.

  184. subadha

    india ideology”beauty with brain”is not working anymore.it is oudated theory.APPLy this new theory”Beauty with Body,face,elegant,style”,and dont ask too many question .wat is the use of it? It doesn’t mean those who give always best answer has good heart

  185. sunny singh

    go yoshiki go. all the best

  186. subadha

    miss world is boring bcoz it is slmost based on votes.Miss Earth is dull.it is somehow ok as it makes cut top 16 according to their performance but top 5 question is almost concern about earth.Yes I love Miss Supranational ..it is exciting

  187. subadha

    miss world is boring bcoz it is slmost based on votes.Miss Earth is dull.it is somehow ok as it makes cut top 16 according to their performance but top 5 question is almost concern about earth.Yes I love supranational

  188. Ashwin Bikkodu

    wooohooo Medhini at 4th place…you deserve to be at the top…Best wishes

  189. subadha

    jantee hazarika. Watch bb.pilipinas of philipines from 2010 to 2013 from youtube. This will enhance your skill on how to walk,to talk.we need to win this year ok, work hard baby, u can do it

  190. subadha

    jantee hazarika, Show the extraordinary of our northeast people.we are more deserving.show like philipines to the world

  191. Saif ali

    Good luck…….. Go for win…

  192. Saif ali

    Good luck baby….. I know u r the best; u r my favourite

  193. Bharat Marella

    Sahithya Jagannathan U rock…and You deserve this… Good Luck..God Bless U πŸ™‚ Cheers

  194. Purnoor

    All d bst Yoshiki πŸ™‚ (Y)

  195. Nikhil Dutta

    Yayyy !! Yoshiki s on the top β™‘

  196. Nishant

    Touch the skies girl.. good luck #yoshiki

  197. aanchal katoch

    Gudluk yoshiki , jst rock it babe b postv I knw it’s jst yrs gudluk lv yaaa

  198. Aaradhna

    No wonder Yoshiki is leading! Good luck girl! We are proud of you!!! πŸ™‚

  199. Bik

    has to b Yoshiki πŸ˜‰ deserving beauty

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  201. Jay

    Yoshiki…All the Best….
    You will Win..

  202. jaswinder sindhar

    Yoshiki will win

  203. sunnu singh

    vote for yoshiki sindhar

  204. Reet sindhar

    My vote goes to yoshiki sindhar

  205. ajaib singh

    i want yoshiki sindhar to win. really an awesome person. win win

  206. Reet

    yoshiki sindhar is the one who truely deserve to win.. best wishes

  207. zenia narang

    Yoshiki sindhar..u deserve to be here bcoz u r an all rounder..beauty wid brains πŸ™‚

  208. Ravinder verma

    Yoshiki Sindhar


    Yoshiki Sindhar

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  211. Bhupinder


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  213. Shivendra

    Aditi u r awsome

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  215. Tanya joshi

    And my vote goes to Aditi πŸ™‚

  216. Tanvi lingras

    ADITI VATS u r truly beautiful…. u rilli deserve to b here… u r HOTNESS.

  217. neha singh

    aditi vats! we really wish u win πŸ™‚

  218. NEHA



    Aditi vats u rock dear

  220. Rashi

    Adit Vats u r the best among all. U r the truly deserving.

  221. Virginia Dsouza

    Deepti Sati you deserve the crown……..

  222. Shraddha Manjrekar

    Deepti Sati is d best…..U rock babes!!! :*

  223. ali baig

    Nikhila nandgopal is bst she deserves πŸ˜‰

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